Aftermarket Items on a Leased Car

I was wondering how adding certain things to a car might affect the “wear and tear” clause in a lease. For instance, if I wanted to have a non dealer installed remote starter on my car, will I have to remove it upon lease end? What about more importantly, tinted windows? Will I have to take the tint off? Will I get charged with wear and tear as the tinted windows were not factory/dealer installed? Any other aftermarket type parts leasing companies frown upon when returning a vehicle during inspection?

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Yes, you have to return the car in the same condition as when you acquired it.

They will have every right to charge you to remove the aftermarket items you installed that was not there when you picked up the vehicle.

If you purchase the car, then it doesn’t matter.

If they do the inspection and don’t notice it, then they will not charge you for it. However, I wouldn’t count on them not finding things. If you get the inspection early enough, you may have some time to remove the items but it will obviously cost you some more $ to make the car “factory” again

I think it would depend on whether the dealer is buying it or not. Things like remote start and tint* are probably positive or at least neutral for resale purposes.

*As long as the dealer is not legally required to remove it by state law

I agree with you. I’ve turned in cars with tint and so-on without repercussions. If you’ve taken the whole exhaust system and replaced it with something aftermarket then you best expect to be charged for the parts/labor to bring it back to normal.

Use common sense when making modifications to your leased car. Is it easily removable yes/no?

Things that add value to the car, if done professionally, are unlikely to be counted against the value of the car. I had my car’s windows tinted and it had no effect on my lease end inspection. BTW, most car companies hire a third party agent to come and do the lease inspection and they are mainly looking for things that decrease the value of the car or make it less attractive to a potential buyer.

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