Affordable sporty sedan/suv under $400

Hi everyone!
I’m new to leasing and looking to get a sporty sedan or compact suv under $400.
I want something that is relatively quick and fun as I want to make it a little louder.
I know there are not many choices in this price range but here is what I found so far:
2018 Infiniti Q50 3.0 Sport
2018 Mercedes C300
2018 Dodge Charger Scat Pack

So each of these choices has its pros and cons:
Infiniti - decent power but looks outdated inside especially the multimedia
Mercedes - not as roomy as Infiniti and is 2.0 but it is comfortable and luxurious lol
Dodge - it is an american car, V8 that eats a lot of gas but very fun.

And another option is to buy a 2015 used Lexus GS350 or BMW X3

Really need suggestions and correct me if I’m wrong.
P.S: do not suggest Toyota/Honda, they’re not fun :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!

This can’t be had for under $400, let alone under $500 without significant money down.

The MSRP for it around $40k, you think 1% is not doable in this case?

No to the Scat Pack, not possible. Q50 is probably the best choice for that budget. You should search the forum all 3 of these have been discussed multiple times with detailed posts, or have one of the brokers on the site help you out. C300 is possible if you find a dealership that plays ball.

An RT with a MSRP of 41k could be had in the 430’s I would imagine you can get a scat under 5 easily



How about Stelvio? I think price going down again. Maybe not August level, but still pretty good.

Low residuals and not many rebates makes it hard to get a deal. As discussed search the forum and see that recently under $500 just isn’t doable.

Another option is Acura TLX V6. Any opinions on this one?

Just wanted to recommend TLX V6 as well:smiley:



It’s generally not under $400

It’s generally under $400

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the v6 is not.

Any proof? I have a quote on hands for ASPEC FWD V6 MSRP $43795, $445 due and $445 a month in MD, 36/10k. Base V6 MSRP is $37195, difference $6600. Do you thing it’s impossible to shave $50/month for Base V6? Meanwhile, I’m paying $339 now for base V6 with remote start in MD, $339 was due, 36/12K.

Confused. You said not to suggest Hondas, they’re not fun. But you’re considering one?

OP mentioned making it louder… Are you planning on leasing and then modifying?

Are you doing this just to get something new and keep the payments low? Not my money, but I am of the personal belief that, that is a terrible way to go about it.

Have you thought about financing 2 or 3 year old CPO?

Isn’t there a SHAWD version?

I’m comfortable with FWD, it’s lighter and has better acceleration.