Advise on 2017 Mercedes E43 lease

Hello, I’m looking to get some advise on this lease deal. Below are the lease figures I’ve received from my dealer on a 2017 Mercedes E43.

MSRP: $83,275
Sale price: $80,776
MF: .00099
RV: 58%
Term: 36 mo
Mileage: 12000
Licence fee: $160
State inspection/Title: $40
Acquisition fee: $1095

Total sales tax: $5,218.50
Total add cap cost: $1,450
Adjusted cap cost:$87.445.25
Monthly payments: $1,221.76

The sale price itself looks ok, as most dealers seem to be offering it at or near MSRP due to limited availability but we’re going for a special order The acquisition fee looks a little high, as on the site below and elsewhere, I see the fee listed at $795.

I also have a question about the total tax. Sales tax in TX is 6.25% on total sale price. I’ve run the calculations on this website, and I come with a figure of $5049 for tax, much less than in the dealer quote. If I multiply $5049 by 16 (1/.0625 = 16), I get a number very near the sale price, as expected. But if I multiply $5218 by 16, I’m getting a number higher than even the MSRP. Perhaps I’m missing something here. I would appreciate it if someone can clarify on this before I speak with the dealer again.

All in all, how would you rate this deal, considering it’s a special order on a limited availability vehicle. Thanks in advance!

1200 for a non AMG E Class is a lot in my opinion. Probably better off getting a left over 17 S550 for around the same price. Maybe wait until there’s more available if this is the car you must have.


you can get and s550 for a similar price

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Thanks for your feedback. Browsing the forums a little more, I can see this looks quite high compared to other cars but then again, I guess this is the norm for a amg branded vehicle with low supply and high demand. If I go this route, I do plan to use a $1000 incentive as well as max MSDs, which should bring the monthly payment down to around $1070.

Regarding the S550, If I could get one with the same monthy payments as the E43, I would do it. I’ve use the leasehackr calculator to get some numbers on the S550, but I’m getting figures of $1550+ even if we assume a 10K discount on a 110k vehicle. I would need a 20-22k discount to match the E43. This is partly due to the car’s much lower RV.

20k discount is doable, 10k is very low for an s550

You could have gotten a Maybach for ~$1200/month several months back.

LOL @ E43 MSRP of 83k that is just a rebadged E550. Man Mercedes has created a true cash cow.

See Mercedes is doing it right where BMW is failing miserably. They didn’t have to bump MFs, kill MSDs, change residuals they just rebadged their line-up and added 10-20% markup for it.

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Bmw is rebranding to M550i & M240 no different than m sport

Its not even an E550, its an E400 as it doesn’t have the V8