Advice - Trying to end lease, 8mo left

Hello all,

This is the fourth car I have leased in my life. Previously I had a Hyundai Accent, Honda Accord, VW Eos, and now a VW Jetta. I have 8 months left on the lease, 10k miles per year.

I really loved the Eos, and I switched to the Jetta hoping to lower my monthly payments. I have not had much luck with this car. Most recently, I had a faulty oxygen sensor in the catalytic converter and it took several weeks to order the part and get it installed, with several trips to the dealer required. I’ve also lost two hubcaps(not really VW’s fault but I have never lost a hubcap on any vehicle before), and had to have my tire patched a few times.

That being said, I have only about 3k miles left. On my Eos, when I was getting low on mileage(about a year left on lease), they called me and offered to sell me miles at a discounted rate. I did not receive any incentive like that on this car.

I am ready to get out of this car! I did receive a call yesterday about a pull ahead program, they did not give me any details over the phone.

Here is my question, my VW belongs to a large group of dealerships in my area, all under the same name, Atlantic. If I were to go into the Jeep dealership, would they be willing to work with me or it doesn’t work like that? Do you guys have any tips on what I can do here? I have a coworker who recently got into a beautiful jeep, 15k miles a year, no money down and their monthly payment is less than my Jetta!!

Thank you.

I had a VW CC that I was able to trade to a Volvo dealer about 5-6 month before lease end. I even got a $500 equity. See if the Jeep (or any other) dealer will give you at least your VW payoff. They then pay VW directly and you get out free and clear. Not sure if VW still allows buy outs by other brand dealers, however.

you can start by finding out the curent buy out of your vehicle and taking it to carmax to get an appraisal or just compare the current buy out with the nada or kbb trade in value of your car. the numbers are close to each other, you can use that to just trade in your car in. What the dealership will do is buy your car from VW thus terminating your lease early and not worrying about anything else.

Good advice given already…Call VW, get the payoff…Go to CarMax, see if the numbers match…See if covers your area and get a free quote…

There are two types of pull ahead programs and since they wouldn’t discuss it over the phone with you, you could have got the dealer BS one…The real/legit Pull ahead is where your lender will take the car back early and you no longer have to pay…Should be noted that those generally will be either the exact make or within the family which would include Porsche and Audi…Then there’s the dealer BS one where they’ll make it sound like it’s a special program but it’s not, you’re trading-in to them whether or not you realize it…If you’re upside down, you’re paying for it somewhere in the deal…

In summary, call VW to get a payoff and inquire about the pull ahead program (which most likely you won’t get even if it’s offered if you want a Jeep) go to CarMax to get an appraisal and see if is in your area and see if they offer more than CarMax…

Thank you so far for your tips.

I am not familiar with CarMax. So let’s say the buyout on my car is 12k, and i have 8 months left on the lease at 250 per month.

My goal would be for CarMax to offer somewhere around 14k to break even?

If I buy the VW out now, do I pay any early termination fees or anything like that?

The answer is no. If you owe 12k and carmax offers you 12k that covers the pay off which means you have you have enough to buy the car out right which means you are no longer responsible for the remaining lease payments. Also, you cannot negotiate the price carmax offers you.

I am not 100% on that, but I believe the answer is also no since you are buying the car out right

That’s interesting. Maybe I am thinking about it wrong, I took out my lease paperwork and it says the residual at the end of the lease is 12k. So that would mean the buyout is the residual plus remaining payments?

the only way to know your current buy out is by calling VW and asking them what the buy out is

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Residual is the buyout at lease end. Call VW ask for buyout as of today.

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I just sold my yukon on a lease to and got 3k more then carmax was offering. I just called GM to find out what my pay off is and that is. There no other costs. My pay off was 38k and they offered me 38k so i was good. I hope that what you were asking :slight_smile:

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FYI - there’s no rhyme or reason as to what carmax will offer you. You will just have to spend the 1 hr to get it done. Sometimes you get super lucky because they really want the car. Most of the times, they will try to lowball you because the car doesn’t meet their requirements which means they’re buying it to sell it at the auction which means in order for them to even make a small profit they will have to give you an extremely low offer.

Also, having just gone through this myself, if you had an accident with your car and it’s on the vehicle’s carfax, don’t bother with Carmax and save yourself the time to go and wait. They won’t give you anything close to what the car is worth because they won’t sell an accident car on their lot.

I don’t know how well it actually works, but you can try one of "take over my lease sites"
In my opinion it’s always better walking into dealership empty handed i.e. no trade or lease to worry about, otherwise it easily becomes convoluted and then you lose :frowning:
btw, before you jump into a Jeep or anything else, I’d take the gas mileage and insurance cost into consideration. After all, it’s the total cost of owning the car that matters.