Advice Request - New 2019 BMW 330ix in PA


36/12k lease

MSRP: $46,950
Discount: $4,103
Sale Price: $42,847
Cash/rebates: $2,000
MF: .00145, reduced to .00125 with 4 MSDs

Doc Fee: $144
Acquisition Fee: $925
Upfront Charges: $1,321.22
DOD: $3,799.09

Monthly pre-tax: $438.41
Monthly post-tax: $477.87

In order to get this deal I put out feelers to most of the dealers within a reasonable drive of me (5+ dealers). This was the best offer I’ve actually got in hand thus far.

What should I do to make this better? I’d really like to get the discount off MSRP to 10% before incentives. I don’t have loyalty, so I’m probably missing a decent chunk of incentives but that’s just the way it is.

Does anybody know what the upfront fees might include on this? I’ve tried to calculate it out but it doesn’t add up to anything I have in front of me in combination with the other fees.

If you can’t get 10 percent minimum I would not consider it a good deal on a 330.

Thanks. Yeah my goal is now to get it to at least 10% off pre-incentives.

Anybody have any idea on the upfront fees? The quotes I got for DAS are all over the place and this one was actually pretty high. Upfront fees aren’t broken down on the lease offer sheet that I have, either.

Lol I’m gonna give you a wise a** answer. I mean it as nice as possible, why don’t you just ask the dealer??? When they tell you …you can come here and post what they are and have posters tell you if legit or add ons for your state

There is no standard DAS… you can tell them how you want to break it down… most deals posted here would be acquisition ($925), DMV/doc, first month, and any taxes on rebates, etc. but you can tell them I want to put $1,000 to get comparable deals. Also ensure there is no cap cost reduction in the DAS to make their payment look better.

There are multiple broker deals available in the northeast significantly better so may be worth just dropping the few hundred bucks to save you the hassle if you aren’t getting much traction.