Advice on which lease "deal" to pick

I need a car within the next couple of weeks so I don’t have time to order one. I have found the following deals on in-stock cars. Both are for 36 month, 15K per year leases.

  1. 2022 Subaru Ascent (Calculator link)
  2. 2022 Polestar 2 with plus and performance pack - approx $799 per month including tax (but not including the CA clean fuel reward, as I understand it), plus $1,461 in drive-offs

I know these vehicles are wildly different and my needs are closer to that of the Polestar than the Ascent, but the Ascent is available and I have had three Subarus before so it is very familiar. Based on fuel prices in my area and my driving habits, I estimate the Ascent will cost me $255 in gas per month, which comes out to $878 per month including payments. The Polestar will cost me about $40 in electricity per month, which comes out to ~$850 per month (maybe a little less including the clean fuel reward).

Normally, I’d just jump for the Polestar because its the more “exciting” of the two, but part of me wonders if I’d be better off doing the Ascent deal, then ordering a different EV that suits my needs a little better, and using the historically stellar Subaru resale value to get out of the ascent lease within 18 months or so.

Honest opinions wanted and welcomed, please.

EDIT: I should mention that the only dealer within 100 miles of me that would honor VIP pricing only has Ascents in stock, which is why I am going there. I also go skiing frequently so the naturally aspirated Outback is not an option, and Outback XT’s are not in stock anywhere.

Honestly take the Polestar. Psychologically if you need the car now, I couldn’t stomach a 700/month payment for an Ascent any way you spin it.

Changing from Gas to all EV is a HUGE mindset change. Are you ready for not going super long distance such as different states? It’s not that easy to change your mindset from gas. Range Anxiety exists even in 300 mile EV’s when you aren’t ready for it.

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Good point. I forgot to mention that my wife has a Chevy Bolt, so EV life isn’t entirely alien to me. However, it will still be a big change not having an ICE in the household. Maybe that is why I am being so indecisive…

Exactly, $620 for your Ascent might keep you feeling safer and upgrade the Bolt to the Polestar :slight_smile:

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Maybe you can try finding a Tesla model 3 / Y (How to get a Tesla Model 3/Y/S/X FAST)
instead of the Polestar 2 (LH’s reviews have been underwhelming on the forum + you are stuck with the P2 with no lease transfers)…if you have two EV’s at home better have more range than the P2 performance. But thats my opinion…


This is such a weird binary. First decide whether you need a 3-row ICEV or an EV.

If the former you should finance a Highlander hybrid or the Ascent. Too late to order a Telluride or Palisade.

If the latter, finance a Model 3.

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That’s not a bad idea and I will look into that. Thanks for sharing. I was just checking Tesla’s inventory website and seeing nothing in NorCal - ha.

Regarding your comment that LH’s reviews have been underwhelming, do you mean of the car itself or the lease deal? I had a hard time finding owner reviews of the PS2 on LH, but admittedly didn’t dig very deep. I did read Consumer Reports’ review, which wasn’t great (small interior, rough ride).

If their year-in-review podcast, it was almost unanimously voted their most disappointing car of the year.

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have you reached out to SoA and inquired about loyalty coupons? They take a bite out of your lease payment. Congrats on finding a dealer who takes VIP! Thats hard to come by. You are looking at instock, which makes it more shocking (at least to me!).

What trim are you looking at? Your purchase price is about $5k higher than my Onyx edition, and you have a MUCH higher tax rate, but my all-in was around $509/mo with only $700 as a deposit–I had to order mine. My guess is its a high trim/lots of add-ons model.

More details on my lease HERE

FWIW: The Ascent is not as fuel efficient as my old forester, but its also substantially heavier–and has a non-laughable towing capacity (not claiming it can tow huge RVs, but there is a big diff between Ascent and Forester here)

Personally, I like having one ICE and one EV. I do wish Subaru made the Ascent with a hybrid or plug in EV option, but I am just happy having that 3rd row.

What @max_g said - he’s a trusted hackr for a reason :slight_smile: but between ride feedback, low range at price point and newness I would not pick the P2.
If you decide on Tesla definitely check the discord server and set in stock alerts.
Good luck

I know it is. What I need is a two-row SUV like an Outback, but I’m working with what is available to me. I have also looked at the RAV4 and CR-V, neither of which I liked.

Out of curiosity, why do you recommend financing rather than leasing? Just because of the high MFs and fees involved in a lease, especially compared to the mfg. special APRs?

Have you looked at the sorento phev?

Yep. Only three in stock, all S trim, within 200 miles of me. :frowning:

The sorento phev does not come in s trim, only sx and sx prestige. You’re looking at the regular hybrid.

Got it - in that case there are zero available.

It’s all about TCO (total cost of ownership).

The financing delta (APR-based finance costs vs MF-based rent and acq combined) is just one piece. Another is the high resale value of cars vs a lower RV (and one by one all lessors are going to close the loophole where lessees can take all that equity).

Thanks for all the advice. I went ahead with the Ascent (financed). A local dealer happened to have the one I was looking for on the lot and honored VIP pricing.


Post the details under the “Share a Deal” sub.


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