Advice on GLC 300 4Matic Quote

Looking for advice on 36mo & 10k miles lease for 2022 GLC 300 4Matic in WA state. Thanks in advance!

Here are the numbers - CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

Who would pay $930/mo for a GLC300?


One thought experiment worth conducting these days is to assume this is the new normal. Banks are fully aware of just how much consumers are willing to pay to lease cars. Now that that cat is out of the bag, it’s not going back any time soon.

So compare the total cost of:

(A) doing 2 of these leases over the next 6 years.


(B) buying the car and extending the warranty to 6 years.

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it’s $853 post tax per month.

Residual is meh, money factor is meh, the acquisition fee sucks, and there is no discount nor incentives. Why are we looking at a lease?

$907/mo actually by the time you spread out that due at sale

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fair point but i’m not keen on buying this car.

Find a different car. A GLC is not worth $900/month.


Driving an 11 year old a4 beater which i would like to sell to gain from the used car market.

My 2 final choices for next car are - Model Y (buy) or GLC 300 4Matic (lease). Given the current market, this is the best I can get for a GLC. I do have an early reservation with Model Y which has the delivery date in 3 weeks. So trying to decide between the two cars.

While I like Model Y, it’s suspension and cabin noise are things I dislike about the car in comparison to GLC

One argument could be to buy Model Y, drive for a few months till the market settles down and then sell it off and get something else.

Buying Model Y will run me ~$950 per month post tax with $5k down at 2.49% over 72months.

There is nothing to “gain”’ from the current market if you’re dumping it into a poor (new) deal. I would recommend axing the GLC. The numbers do not seem attractive at all IMO.

Keep your equity, unless you’re investing it wisely. That is what you have to gain. You’re already much further ahead than people who are “winning” driving the current model year vehicle, underwater up over their eyeballs (and this is before the market jumps a cliff).

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Horrific. A GLC is not worth that payment at all

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For WA, deals on GLC are hard to come by, more so in the current market.

I’m guessing the consensus here is a no-go on this quote. What would the guidance/recommendation on buying Model Y (at 2.49% apr over 72 or 60months). Driving it for a year, before selling it for a better deal on GLC; tentative on the market course correcting. My understanding is that given the current long wait times, selling Model Y could be a good prospect.

Buy something you like because you’ll be waiting a while.

RV/MF/incentives are not getting better any time soon. A year is very optimistic IMO.

I’m deciding between Model Y and GLC which are my final choices. I do like GLC slightly better than Model Y (coz of suspension and cabin noise). But seeking guidance if buying Model Y versus leasing GLC might be a better financial decision assuming the market improves in 12-18months.

:point_up_2::point_up_2: - What They said.

No one knows what the market will look like in 12 to 18 months.

What have Carvana, Vroom, and dealers offered you for your A4? You should have this info if you are looking to get rid of it.

model Y would hold value way better

In WA myself. Not much in terms of deals around here as you probably know.

Did you have a look at dealers in Portland or Oregon in general? Pre-pandemic, they were typically well below what any MB dealer was willing to do. Was certainly worth the trip. Not sure these days though.

This deal is from an Oregon dealer. WA dealers are > $950 post tax and arent budging.

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This GLC deal is a non-starter. Why are we even talking about it?

Current owner of both GLC and Model Y here, I recommend Model Y over the GLC if EV fits your lifestyle and driving conditions. It’s much more fun than the GLC and a lot roomier, and yeah, GLC is not worth that $900 payment

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