Advice on getting dealers to negotiate a selling price

Hi all,

I am wondering if anyone has any tips/tricks, or just strategies in general to get a dealer to negotiate a selling price first, as is the advice here in many threads.

I’ve emailed many dealerships that seem reluctant to negotiate selling price first via email. They’ll respond with statements like, “The way we get to the selling price is by taking the lowest price available on our website after all possible rebates etc., and us adding back in the incentives you don’t qualify for after you’ve told us which incentives you do qualify for. That’s how we get to your price”.

Or, “We need to know what monthly payment are you looking for first.”

I literally had one email I replied to 5 different times trying to hammer home this point, and they still would not agree to negotiate the selling price.

I’ll usually tell the dealer that the way I negotiate is by getting to a mutually agreeable selling price first (meaning discount off MSRP before rebates/incentives etc.), and THEN having the dealer add in any rebates/incentives I do qualify for. Some of their methods really seem like smoke and mirrors.

I am assuming that this behavior is fairly typical and it just takes emailing a lot of dealers to find the good ones. I haven’t negotiated a ton of cars, so I am pretty green in that regard, but my spouse and I are looking for another vehicle after some recent floods in our area pretty much totaled both of our cars, so I am hoping to apply some of the methods here to my search, and any advice at all is appreciated.


Indeed and the question is typically too. No need to reinvent the wheel. I suggest searching to get more answers.


Just say pretty please with cherry on top = instant unicorn :unicorn:


Also remember

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lol, touche :slight_smile: Does that mean if I ask pretty please with a cherry and sugar on top I get an instant rainbow unicorn? :rainbow:

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If you email the right individual with informed and reasonable expectations, you may make progress. What car are you trying to get?

Honestly probably looking for a midsize SUV/crossover for the wife.

Had my eye on a 2019 Equinox AWD LT. MSRP $30430, dealer has it at $26659 at the moment before rebates. Been on their lot over 140 days.

But am open to other options, even sedans.

Chevy dealers are difficult to work with over email in my experience. Go straight to the sales manager. And I doubt the price they have it at is exclusive of purchase rebates.

In my current search, I’ve lost all patience for dealerships.

I tell them early that the deal will the all about the numbers and the person who makes it transparent and painless will get the deal. Those that go right back to the BS get a, “Thanks, but I’m moving on to a different dealer,” response. When I’ve exhausted the list of dealers willing to work the way I want to work, it’s broker time.

A good broker is well worth the nominal fee they charge.

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@thc1967. I agree with you, I’ve gotten some decent hackr deals since joining here but no way I ,want to go through the hassle, back and forth with some dealers who just play games. The brokers have it all done for you…sign and drive, the best way!

Just email the internet sales dept, or use the"get equote’ link on your preferred vehicle on their website Then request a quote" their best $0 down, $0due at signing, $0 drive off, 36 month, 12k miles lease. (If your state doesn’t tax lease upfront, then also ask for pre-tax Monthly Payment). Assume Great credit. Please list any rebates you’re applying: I’m a military veteran, not recent college grad, current drive Chevy, Ford, Toyota, so please apply loyolaty or conquest. " Get quotes from MULTIPLE DEALERS on the SAME car (same MSRP, same equipment,options, yr.)
Change details to for your actual situation as to miles driving, credit rating, conquest, military, etc.
Ignore anyone who asks what you want monthly payment to be. You can get a Porsche for $99/month… If you put down $25,000 at signing!
The key is to get zero due quotes from several dealers on the same vehicle