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I have a 2019 VW Tiguan SE with 13k miles on the clock in great condition ($15,500 residual value). I currently pay $325 p/m with 10k miles yearly ($0 down, all upfront costs rolled into monthly payments). I’m nearing the end of my lease (June 1) and am after some advice on what I should do.

I’ve been reading through some older posts and see this question is a common one, and I did find some helpful info/ advice from previous posts- I’m also interested to hear some thoughts on my situation; I read that VW credit do not allow 3rd party buyouts, and some options would be to buy the car then re sell, or extend lease…

In my case; I can’t afford to buy the car, I also need a car (I can’t be without one for more than a few days). I’ve been looking into new leases and the prices are insane. I don’t know if my original lease was a good deal back in 2019 but compared to prices today ($415 for 2022 Tiguan 48 months) it looks ok. I read posts that said to wait for the dealership to reach out, which I have (they have emailed me a few times asking what I want to do/ if i need any help), is my only option to extend the lease if I want to keep driving a car like the Tiguan in terms of size/ premium/ish features for that similar $?

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I see you having 3 options

  1. Extend the lease as long as possible (not a permanent solution)

  2. Check online retailers and see if you have equity to get a ballpark figure of your vehicles value, then try selling it to a VW dealership (this way you don’t have to pay sales tax or buy it out yourself)

  3. Turn the lease back in and purchased a used vehicle till the leasing market gets better

Extend the lease & the Jeep 4xe wrangler is probably the best lease deal per $$ around right now if your a fan I’d order one asap

There might be some equity in your Tiguan as well

I haven’t looked into the Jeep, will do.


Edmonds $26,400

Carmax: $27,000

Try see what equityhackr offers you they can buy the car I’d believe

If you like the Jeep 4xe
I’d recommend @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto hes in so cal


We leased our Tiguan S in Mar’19 (lease would have been up end of Jun’22), 39 mo lease, $0 DAS as well. Our RV was $13.6k thereabouts. Bought out the car directly from VW Credit in November. Considered selling it to Carvana and getting a new one, but didn’t seem worth it.

What I’d do in your shoes is try to get a decent rate loan from a CU and buy it out from VW Credit. Or you can see what rate a VW dealer will get for you and do a dealer assisted lease buy out, but that will likely be at a higher rate and may incur dealer fees. Even on a 48-mo loan, your payment will around your current lease payment and you still have another 3ish years of warranty since 2019s had the 72-mo bumper to bumper warranty.

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VW does allow the sale of their leases to 3rd party dealers, however, they charge market rate when doing so, it isn’t effectively useful.

You can sell to a VW or Audi dealer or a dealer network with an affiliated VW/Audi dealer they can process the buyout through.

You’re in California, so you also have a means of buying the car and recapturing the sales tax paid on the buyout if you follow the appropriate steps. With a ~$16k buyout and a $27k purchase offer from carmax, this is probably not a bad option.

Hell, $10k equity? Come up with another $4k or so and you can do a one-pay Wrangler 4xe and have $0 payments for the next 3 years.


I sold my daughter’s VW to Rodo. They have a VW dealer in their network that they use to facilitate the buyout so they got the same payoff number. They do charge a $500 fee though.

Interesting so Rodo charges you a ‘finders fee’

Part 2 limits your options.
Part 1 If you can’t afford to buy this car how will you afford a lease payment?

What can you afford then?

My Advice

  • Sell the Car to a VW Dealer and ‘try’ to get the 10k equity (Since you didn’t go to CVC) to get any basis.
  • Lease a Hyundai Venue (Yes what a Step down from a Tiguan) for about $370 with 0 Das
  • If you got 10k then this will get you 2 full years down the line before you start paying any money. (Aka $0 payments for 24 months)
  • Trade the Venue in for the car you really want and hopefully you can afford.

Having 15k in cash to buy the car, is a little different to being able to afford a $325 monthly lease payment…

You don’t need to pay cash for it. You can get a loan.

I’m not a citizen not sure i’d be approved for a loan in general. I also have no intentions of owning a car here, leasing works best for me.

If you were approved for a lease, then you should be approved for a loan. If you want to capture any equity, buying it is the best option.

VW have a foreign business program which specializes in leasing their cars to non resident aliens.

Then check out broker deals in the Marketplace for a lease deal with the lowest overall total cost of ownership (TCO).

Good luck.

why in the world would you pay the same for a Venue that you could on a $58k Wrangler?

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