Advice on 2020 Acura RDX A-SPEC SH-AWD

Hello all and I just want to thank you beforehand for any help you can provide. Please see attached image of what dealer is willing to do. I am trading in a 2014 BMW 335i msport with 69k mi. They said they would be effectively paying off my car with the incentives they gave me. I was really trying to get the down payment low as possible with a monthly of $450 but this is what they say is the best they can come up with. What do you guys think? What can I do to avoid the $3,500 down payment and keep payment as low as possible? Thank you again!

You have $3000 in negative equity. The price you want is extremely hard to get with $0 negative equity. Forget it with any negative equity. It isn’t possible. The RDX doesn’t lease well and has a high MF

You’re rolling in 3k in negative equity? I would not advise this.

Do you have any way of selling the car separately and paying the difference?

Would it be better financially to sell the car for what I owe? I thought it would be better to trade due to tax issues. I owe $18k on it.

What will others give you for the car?

Have you tried carvana, vroom? Other dealers?

See what Carvana, Vroom, etc will pay for it.

Also, sorry let me please clarify. And thank you for your response. My warranty on the 335i is up in Jan. I currently pay $607/mo for it and own the vehicle. My idea was to head off any potential maintenance/repair costs by getting into a lease. CarMax offered me $14k, BMW offered me $15k, and Acura $15,600. I just submitted info to Vroom so waiting on their reply.

  1. You aren’t getting to $450 a month on this RDX even without negative equity. Throw in the negative equity and it is guaranteed to be ugly.
  2. Consider other options with a lower MF if you roll in the negative. Lexus frequently has MFs approaching zero which means less rent charge on your negative equity

What about Audi or Mercedes? I will look into Lexus.

Audi typically doesn’t lease well. This month is no exception. You might be able to get a decent deal on a demo E-Class or C-Class. BMW also leases VERY well

And where do you think I can get in this deal as far as down payment and monthly? Is there any more room despite the negative equity?

Look at other recent deals posted on RDX that people have posted. Search the forum to find them.

Lol thank you. I’m reconsidering this leasing thing haha.

Because you don’t seem to grasp the basics and you’re just shooting from the hip with random payment expectations based on nothing. Slow down, research and learn.

If you’re gonna roll negative in, you don’t want to do it on a vehicle with a .00225 MF.

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You’re right I’m pretty new at this. I did some research and learned the basics but some of the stuff regarding leases still confuses me. I welcome your advice and thank you!

Well start by trying to understand what I just said about MF and how to calculate rent charge.


Why don’t you try to sell this privately?