Advice needed on 2020 X1 lease

Hey there, I’ve stuck with BMW for my last 3 leases and would like to stay with them for my next. Current lease ends 11/7. I’m having a much harder time finding a deal this go round, partly because inventory seems low (I typically lease retired loaners so looking for that again). Also, residuals on the 2020 X1 are down and every dealership I’ve contacted in northern and central CA is quoting a MF of 0.00139 vs the national base of 0.00099. I am considering the following deal but was hoping to get some feedback.

2020 X1 sDrive (retired loaner with 2775 miles on it) for 36/12
MSRP $40,045
Sale price $34,499
Rebate $1,000
Net cap cost $33,499
Residual 0.56
MF 0.00139

Fees (paid up front) $1,106.65 + first month’s payment
In my zip of 94609 they’re quoting payments of $447.91. My math gets $420.98.

I’d like to continue to work the deal to see if they’ll match the national base MF. Do you have any suggestions about making that happen? I’ll also likely buy down the MF futher by maxing out MSDs.

Ideally, I’d like the $1,500 loyalty rebate if still available. I’d also like to make sure they waive some curb rash on two of my wheels and I have one more payment (<$380) due on my current lease due 10/7 that I’d also like to be forgiven if I buy this week. Are these reasonable asks? Any other incentives/hacks/promos I should be considering? I am a nurse, and recently graduated from nursing school, if there are front line worker/new grad discounts.


Hard pass. That MSRP is a joke and that payment is the punch line. These were sub $300 (some sub $200 IIRC) cars a while ago and if the incentives, RV and MF have moved on then so should you.

Look at other BMW models or just bite the bullet to pay their disposition and move on. Don’t overpay on your next lease just to save that relatively small amount of money.

You’ll have to pay disposition sooner or later unless you want to be beholden to one brand for the rest of your life.


I’m with Max here. Although this is an sDrive, MSRP connotes base model with few features. For 450 and over 1k DAS, there’s very little value here.

As someone who probably got one the last of the palatable “deals” of 2H 2020 (based only on what I’ve seen on LH), I would recommend waiting on this model until incentives rebound, if they ever do, or passing altogether.

As he said, these cars had great value when they were going in the 300/mo range. They are no longer going for that price. For reference, I paid 450 Zero drive off with VA taxes of ~$1400 (410/mo. pre-tax for non TX/VA/MD residents) on a 41,5XX MSRP loaner with ~3k miles.~17.5% discount and base MF.

My advice for you is that if you want this car, you have to get base MF and 16% off. That being said, you should be eligible for the college rebate as well as the lease to lease rebate. I don’t know the program for October, but I believe it was 500 last month. You can confirm both of these on Edmunds.

Good Luck!

EDIT: You can be in the 300s with all of the rebates you seem to qualify for…I wouldn’t sign anything that has a 4 in front of it on this MSRP

Thank you. This is solid advice.

Thanks, I appreciate this input. My current 2017 X1 payment is $370 which was about $100 more/mo than I paid on my 2014 so I agree --its just climbing and climbing. I got an offer today from a different dealer that would get me down to a monthly payment of $358 but I think I’m going to test drive some other makes tomorrow and see if I can’t find better value elsewhere and then make an educated decision. Thanks again!

X1/X2 leases are definitely in the toilet. They’re not giving them away like they did 18-24mos ago.

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