Advertised Toyota Highlander Lease deal what am I missing?

I see this 319/m 36k miles. XLE. (not including tax)
acquisition fee of $650
customer capitalized cost reduction of $2030
security deposit of $0, and assumes $0 lease bonus cash direct from Toyota is applied to due at signing.
$36180 adjusted capitalized cost, 41165 msrp.
Lease end purchase option $25522.30.

Now just looking at the price of 36180, is already really good from what I am seeing. The residual looks to be about 63.2% with a money factor of .00125, based on what I was trying to come up with in the calculator. with an 8.9 score.

Don’t put the money down it is $378/m.

Am I not seeing something, if this is advertised, and I am sure Toyota is pushing this car as much as possible, is it logical to think doing even better can be expected?

Thanks everyone,

The fault my dear Brutus is not in our stars…
The 378 per month with no CCR is a good deal , but if adjusted cap cost is 36k after you put 2k down, then they are selling for 38k which is a paltry discount. You should be able to get the sales price at 36k without car.
Also put down multiple security deposits to reduce the money factor even further and I think you can do this deal at around 320 a month, no money down…

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Well, when I plug into calculator, the 2K down is after the adjusted cap cost… So we are talking 36K then minus another 2K down. I used the calculator, unless I did something wrong.


The residual is 62% (25522.3 / 41165) and the adjusted cap cost is including the cash down. You would need to fight for a bigger discount to make up for it.

If that was the case then the numbers would not make sense in the calculator, unless I am not understanding this calculator. In order to get to 319/month you are taking the $2koff the $36K based on all the info supplied.

You are using an incorrect MF. The MF is .00037

As others have mentioned, $2k CCR is included in the $36k cap

ok I used the 62% and the money factor. Here is the link:

it still does not get it to the 319/m. Either the amount is off or the money factor or the 62%. that is close to $750 not accounted for.

The $650 acquisition is to be paid upfront to get the $319/mth

Also, your MSRP is slightly off


The advertised “deal” comes out to $319/mth with $2999 due at signing (first payment, acquisition fee, CCR). It doesn’t include taxes, dealer fees, or registration…so not much of a deal.

How about MSD. Did you try MSD?

Toyota’s MF are regional, it could either be 0.00037 or 0.00225

Correct, but it’s .00037 for the ad mentioned by OP

We were able to get 399/m 36m 15k for a friend in ma through a local broker, including (6.25% tax), complete zero drive off, first month rolled in. Msrp was 41,2xx.