Adding Hitch to Lease




Just leased a Murano and would like to add an aftermarket hitch for a bike rack (the OEM version won’t fit my rack without an adapter and costs a lot more). It bolts right to the frame so I don’t see how there would be any problems, but it’s also my first lease so I’m not sure how picky they might be about add-ons. Thanks!

And thanks to this forum, I think I got a pretty good deal and felt pretty prepared going in.


They probably won’t mind, but if anything, just take it off and resell it before you turn the car back in.


Thanks. Yeah, I kind of figured that’s what I might do. Technically, the lease has a clause about not adding anything to the vehicle but I’m thinking that’s more for tuning/modification type stuff, not a bolt-on hitch. Would just hate to show up for my free oil change and have someone whine about it. But I guess it’s unlikely the service folks will even know that it’s a lease.


I don’t think the service department cares.
like @Jon said, take it off before you do the lease-end inspection.
Make sure that it can be installed without damaging other parts of the vehicle.