Add PayPal to donations?


Love this forum, I read it every day. Just a wealth of information.
Might sound silly but if you add PayPal to the donate button I’d be way more inclined to send you server more frequently because I won’t need to add Cc details etc.
just saying!


Thanks for the suggestion, we will explore the PayPal option, although it is harder to set it up for donation purposes than Stripe, which is what our website currently relies on for donations. From what we understand, Stripe is equally secure as Paypal, but we understand the extra hassle it requires to enter the CC details in when you already have Paypal.


Just noticed that ApplePay support has been added. Made it super easy to donate. Hopefully more people will do it now. Thanks @michael and @littleviolette for creating and maintaining this amazing community. Happy holidays!!!


Just noticed PayPal was added, thanks Jon :slightly_smiling_face:


I ditto the thumbs up for adding PayPal. Makes so much easier to contribute.


Don’t know if this is possible but it would be great if the “donate” button could also be added to the top ribbon on the Leasehackr pages in addition to the home page. Some people, like me, may not normally navigate to the home page and not see the button. I had to search around to find it. If it’s visible on the top ribbon of the Leasehackr pages it might generate a few more bites :blush:


Added! Thanks for the suggestion!


Sorry to be daft but where is the Apple Pay option? I see only manual CC input or PayPal.


It is only visible to iPhone users. Do you have one? lol



Yea weird, I have an iPhone and there’s no option on my end


What browser is that? Might need to use Safari.


You’re right it comes up with Safari, I usually use Chrome


@michael and @littleviolette is it possible to add recurring option on the paypal ?
I know vistaprint has it so paypal does have the option. Anyway you can add that as well?


We don’t have the recurring option set up. We are working on getting one set up.