Acura TLX Incentives


I’m looking to purchase an Acura TLX. There is a $2,500 Conquest incentive and $2,500 Loyalty. I qualify for both. Do you know if I can stack these? 2 different dealerships have told me no but I figured I’d check here just in case. Thanks for your help.

Conquest and loyalty are almost never stackable.

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They are not stackable and frankly I’ve never heard of a manufacturer making both stackable.

From the terms of the current $2,500 program expiring at the end of the month:

“Not compatible with Zero Due at Lease Signing leases or other Loyalty or Conquest offers.”

So I don’t think you can stack them.

And in literally even smaller fine print under the fine print (lol):

“Only one $2,500 2021 TLX Loyalty or Conquest offer per eligible new vehicle.”

I’ve seen one or two weird situations with stackable conquest and loyalty in the past several years, but very rare.

Thank you everybody! I appreciate the quick feedback.

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