Acura TLX 2020 tech package v4


I hope you are well. Is the below a good deal:

2020 Acura TLX tech package
308 a month
12k miles
3k down
36 months

Not enough information did you go to Edmunds and verify MF and RV?

@aspec1 can help you. See his deals.

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1.2% money factor
residual value: 17,730 probably has dropped now. 47%

Reach out to @aspec1 very helpful, and should be answer your questions

Thank you i appreciate it

Thank you i appreciate it.

Do you know the selling price? There’s 5550 in lease incentive cash on the lease program that uses .00050 MF. (As per Edmunds).


Yes - 29,400
5550 in incentives

Did you also get the worksheet from the dealer so you can breakdown pre incentive discount?

I did not.

What was MSRP? You’re missing a lot of information, help us help you.

The lease cash helps offsets the poor RV, not by much. I think you may not be getting a large dealer discount.

Can you put all the necessary/relevant info into the 1st post instead of slowly giving up one piece of info at a time?


I live in NY. I got a v4 A-spec Tech for 330, zero down, 7500 miles. I have rollover miles from my last lease.

Not to be nitpicky, but it is NOT a ‘V4’, it is an ‘I4’. Alright, carry on.

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