Acura RDX Technology Edition Red Color

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**Year, Make, Model, and Trim:**2019,Acura RDX,technology Package
Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:

**MSRP: $**40700
**Selling Price: $**39700
Monthly Payment: $
Cash Due at Signing: $

Annual Mileage:
I am plannin to buy this car and does Acura gives discount than this or this is the best? i hardly get 1500$ discount.
Leasehackr Score:

Are you just purchasing?

This is a lease hacking forum. Folks won’t be able to help out unless you have lease-specific questions.

Are you open to the idea of leasing?

Yes I am actually looking for lease , I wanted to know how much I can negotiate on Acura RDX price on MSRP? I am considering Lease as an option for 15 K Miles.

Firstly, you have posted in the wrong section of the forum. Share Deals is for deals that have already been signed or are near-signed. You want to post in Ask Hackers.

Secondly, use the search function. I found a post on the first page of the search results that showed a sales price someone was able to get to. Reading through those comments you can see what target prices should be. Just by skimming, you should be able to tell it is not a great car to lease.

If you make another post or add more to your post, see what hasn’t been asked or what is unique about your case that warrants a new thread. Good luck searching!