Acura RDX FWD Base

I live in San Diego, CA. What is the 36 month lease payment, 10,000 miles per year, residual value and incentives for the vehicle referenced above?

2016 Acura RDX FWD Base

36/10K: 61% residual, .00030 MF

Targeted incentives:
$1,000 AFS Loyalty
$750 Loyalty/Conquest (current owners of Acura, BMW, Lexus, Audi, Mercedes, Infiniti, Volvo, Lincoln, Cadillac, Buick, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Subaru, VW, 2006+)
$750 Military
$500 Grad

I’d target 10% off MSRP. This can be a great lease if you can find a 2016 RDX base. Around here, most have the Tech package.

Using the price of a new Acura RDX of $36310 the program defaults to 23% off MSRP and using all other default options it says the monthly payment is $261 with total drive off of $748. This is great do you recommend I call a dealership and ask if they will give me this deal?

You’ll have to adjust the default variables yourself. The fields in the calculate do not auto-populate by car model.

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