Acura MDX with Tech package lease deal

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and would appreciate your help.

Have been looking for a midsize SUV, called some dealerships around my area today and the best deal I got was $610 monthly, with 0 down (only first payment DAS), 36 months/15 K.

What do you think?. Zip code is 64801

Is that including tax? What is the car sale price they are offering? $610 is on the higher end for 15K miles. Do you qualify for conquest or loyalty incentives?

In Chicago you’d be around $550/Mo~ with the first payment

The sale price of the car is around 44K. The payment is including tax. What do you guys consider a good deal?. Less than $550 monthly payment?

I think I do as I am currently leasing a honda

I got a lease in mass earlier this month for $445 / month including tax, 12K with 2600 DAS. If I bring my DAS down to first payment, it’s still around $510 per month

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So did you get this deal after a lot of back and forth or this is considered a great deal?. I am just trying to have an idea about what range I should consider a decent deal. Thanks a lot for your help

You are shopping payment.
If MSRP IS 44k then request discount. Find out the MF, residual, and plug it into the calculator based on annual mileage.
I got this from 00225 MF and 52% residual
$7275 incentive (don’t just go for this incentive. Ask for discount and stack the incentive on top).

I had a quote for a 2019 AWD base MSRP ~$47k at $455/month $818 D@S, 12k/36 months. That’s including tax which is 10%. Residual $26,958.

The deal I got was very good when compared to others and I was shopping for a month very seriously. The deal was really good and I didn’t negotiate. You will need to all the numbers u got in the lease calculator to see why your monthly payment is so much.

I tried your deal in SoCal several dealers, none can beat that. The closest I can get is $1000 more on the selling.