Acura MDX tech package numbers don’t make sense

New to this.
Northern California. Acura MDX AWD tech package.
Dealers numbers are like $100 more than the calculator. I know demand is high and vehicles are hard to get but how do they use their number and get different results from the calculator. So over 36 months is that the effective “mark up”
Price $55,495
MF .0008
Res $32,448
Down $5,000
They want like $735/mo
Calculator is more like $645
What am I missing?
Thanks in advance.

If you post your calculator, it’s much easier to see what issues there may be

These numbers are insane, either way. Im afraid that is what you’re missing. It would be beneficial to post your calculations.

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Taxes? Title? License? Nothing you didn’t put in the above.

Post your Calculator link.

Also $735 $5k down is MSRP for that car. That’s pretty bad, effective $877. Buy it instead
Do you already have a ‘premium car’ they are giving $750 off any owner of one of those. $1000 if you have an Acura

I bet your DAS do not match.

The $100 difference is probably you assuming that they are selling the vehicle at MSRP when its marked up.

Do you qualify for Conquest or Loyalty?

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Calculators cannot make value judgments. But any sane person would run away from this “deal.”

A calculator is just a tool to construct your own offer and/or recalibrate someone else’s shared deal for your own taxes, incentives, RV/MF etc if they are different.

I’ve rarely seen anyone make any further headway by decoding a dealer quote into the LH calculator. If it matches, so what? Math doesn’t lie. If it doesn’t match, so what? Dealers aren’t going to lower their offer because your calculator said so. Chances are, it was the consumer’s error. If not, GL getting a dealer to admit it was theirs.

To be very candid, the ship sailed once the consumer asked for a quote instead of presenting a well-researched offer of their own.

Added the calculator. I am not really trying to prove they are wrong necessarily I want to try and make sure I am at least getting a reasonable deal. And being so far off I wanted to see what i was doing wrong.
Thanks again.

They’re probably using down to mean due at sale, which at least accounts for some of it.

Your rv also doesn’t match, so you either have your rv % wrong or the msrp wrong.

They are most likely using some of that 5000 to cover the 1st month, acq fee, dealer fees…etc. So the money down in the calculator wouldn’t be 5000 but 5000 - the fees and 1st month payment.

Government fees should be about $700

Besides that you either have some confusion with the driveoff amount wrong or they are selling it for over MSRP (Or with dealer accessories)

I talked to an Acura dealer a couple months ago. They said by default they are rolling in maintenance and protection plans, basically making you buy those with the lease.

That’s because you did this. They will tell you anything.

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