Acura MDX Lease Ending

Hey all,

I created this post to see other lease holders that are coming due, are doing. Considering the 2022 mdx tech package but just starting to look around for pricing and inventory. CarVana’s buyout estimate is about 3500 above my payoff price. Really just considering the 2022 MDX because of my mileage rollover will allow me a 10k or lower lease. I’m in NJ so any one out there want to share what they decided?



This didn’t really make any sense?
What do other lease holders have to do with you and what you want to do?

If it made no sense to you then why wouldn’t you think it’s a good idea to keep scrolling?

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As opposed to search for what people have already shared?

You have about 1 day to sell that to a third party before you can’t

Are you considering any replacements that leases well? Better than a fall down three flights of stairs at least.

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Before I receive any other very useless responses… This post is for anyone who has a lease ending soon and, like me, and are considering other options since Inventory is low and the deals aren’t as favorable due to shortages.

Have any of you considered selling for profit (likely under mileage because of not driving during pandemic), offsetting higher costs with lower lease mileage (if you get rollover mileage), or haven’t really had any issues with inventory/pricing?

Thank you for sharing that about 3rd party Purchases. I was unaware.

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That thread alone has lots and lots of people in your situation.

I realize you are crowd-sourcing other people’s opinions, just under that (if you look back 60-90 days and expand beyond NJ and MDX) there are no less than 1,000 posts where people laid out their situation and got feedback. If I understand your question, the answers you seek are already here, just not replies to your thread.


I appreciate that. I will read through it all now.

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