Acura MDX A spec lease


Got this offer recently for a lease:
MSRP 61,645
Total purchase price after equipment: 63,140
36 months
10,000 miles
Residual 61.5%
0 Down
First payment only
Monthly payment of $1000 including tax
Money factor 0.0039
Any thoughts would be appreciated


Yeah, you need to message @aronchi, book a flight to Newark or Philly, get an uber, and a buy/lease his dealer demo Type S for that payment. Even with TX taxes you are in the same ballpark of payment.

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haha my dealer will probably sell them to TX, too.

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That MF is 9.36% interest. Just think about that…


Taking a step back, @aronchi is an experienced broker on this site. His Acura thread is here.

Brokers deals are a good place to start for a price search. For a decent deal you want to get pretty close to the price a broker can publicly advertise on this website.

With Texas taxes, no loyalty (do you already own an Acura?) And needing 10k miles a year you do need to adjust @aronchi prices up a bit. I don’t think the savings would be quite what some of the people above say. However, I do think you could get an MDX advanced trim for 1k a month, which is a significantly nicer car than MDX A-Spec.

You got to decide how much effort you want to put into the search and the value of your time.

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Hey, thank you for the advise. I agree not sure how much time I want to put into the search. Originally the payment was 1230 or so and managed to get it to 1000 even.
MF right now is not the easiest to move because of current interest rates, I am looking at other options not only this one, but wanted to hear opinions from the pros regarding this quote.

Appreciate it

Finance it.

No MDX is worth $36,000 to lease for 3 years.


if it’s a non-type s, we’d rather do the finance, instead of the lease. would still be cheaper to finance an mdx than to lease it.

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MF is not going to move unless the dealer has it marked up. I did see this on Edmunds forums though

.00209, which is just over 5%. The dealer may be marking the MF up depending on the region if this a 23’. Acura promo financing is 3.9% over 60 months right now.

In the rare event you can find a super low mileage 23 that has been punched. The CPO promo financing is cheaper 2.49% for 49-60 months, 3.49% for 61-72 months.

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Worth noting that some dealers in TX have Tax Credits right now for Acuras.


@Francisco_G why not just go for a X5 or GLE? @IAC can help with BMW. I am in TX as well and wouldn’t think about leasing unless getting tax credits. You basically pay more to lease than buy if you don’t utilize tax credits as we pay the full selling price sales tax @ 6.25%. Not to mention the inflated money factors over purchase interest and an acquisition fee.


Thank you for the feedback, are the tax credits dependent on the brand or dealership or can I access them with anyone?

It really depends on what the captive bank is doing at that time, and how many allotments the dealer has earned.

Some dealers will withhold a tax credit on the front end, show a larger discount and have finance “fix it” on the backend. Watch out for this.

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Reason #1 to be using a broker.


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