Acura ILX 2017 Wanted in Northern NJ area

Looking for a 2017 Acura ILX base model for $222/mo (everything and taxes rolled in) drive-off for 36/12. Just first months due at signing.

It sounds like you should contact a broker like @nyclife or @Benedetto. Dealers and brokers do not come to you, but instead you go to them. I’m not sure where you came up with the monthly payment you desire, but I personally think it may be unrealistic

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Thanks. It comes from an offer I received that’s a bit ($10-20/mo) higher, for just first months due at signing too. Trying to compare apples to apples.

go with that offer you already got. It’s a very good price. I’m at about 250 w/ first month. Includes NJ tax.