Accident and insurance - $9k shortfall - update - need help

The shop is not in network hence the trouble

What’s the manufacturer? I know that Acura does not. Typically, your insurance adjuster comes out and gives you a quote, and you can take that quote to the body shop of your choice, and they’ll honor it. Your insurance quote may not be for OEM parts, and a lot of times the body shop will allow you to pay extra to replace it with OEM parts. But when you return your lease, I don’t think it really matters whether the repair was made with OEM or aftermarket.

I’ve had lease end inspections done by Acura, GM, and VW, and none of them really care about where any repair was done. GM and VW sent me letters saying that my lease was auctioned off anyways. I’m not sure what happened to the two Acuras that we returned.

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I didn’t get the inspection done - just dropped it off - is that dangerous? Told insurance to go look at the car at the shop

I don’t know. I’ve always scheduled a lease end inspection. It just takes a call, and it’s usually just couple of weeks out. Typically, the lease end inspectors are helpful - they can tell you about getting some used tires instead of having to pay for new ones if you turn it in with tires that are too worn. They can tell you which dings that you won’t be charged for or how much you’ll be charged so you can get an estimate to see if it’s cheaper to get it fixed by bumper repair. Without a lease-end inspection, you might get a surprise bill.

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I’m talking about the insurance estimator/adjuster - not the lease end inspector

I’ll just have to trust the repair shop lol

As long as you gave the body shop your insurance information, hopefully, they’ll get any work approved first by the insurance adjuster. We’ve been taking ours to a local shop that works directly with our insurance. It’s easier because it avoids an appointment with an adjuster. For the last couple of claims, we just make a claim online using the geico app, setup an appointment to drop off the car using the app, and then drop the car off. We have to spend about 30 minutes while they look at the damage and sign some papers, but it’s been easy peasy.

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Yeah - that makes sense - thank you

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Update: OEM repair shop estimate is ~$9k higher than what the insurance company approved.

I got a call from the repair shop saying the estimate is $9k short.

I called the insurance company who said they’re looking at it

In the afternoon- I get a notification the check has been issued to the repair shop at the original amount

I call the insurance company to issue a stop check until the Situation is figured out. Insurance company is saying take it to pre-approved shop or pay the excess cost out of pocket

My question is : what should I do? - have it towed to a pre-approved shop or fight it out with the insurance company using the OEM approved shop.

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Nah - dealing with this nonsense- what’s the point of full coverage if the insurance company won’t pay the full cost

Dispute is over labor rate

Talk about having insurance
I wrecked(got hit) a Supra with no insurance and didn’t get paid :frowning:

What did you wreck?

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Run of the mill lease - imagine you had a GT3 and insurance wouldn’t cover the entire repair - what do you do?

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Most shops work with insurance. They’ll call the insurance and show why they need more money, sending photos of additional damage etc. Odd that your shop wants you to send the $9k bill etc.

Find another shop that deals with insurance directly or just take it to the pre-approved place. It’s a lease.

Regarding your GT3 comment, most higher end insurance companies such as Hagerty’s provide Guaranteed Value, not actual cash value. Instead of basing the value on what they think the car is worth on a given day, you tell them how much you want to insure it for. Their contracts also typically specify OEM parts. While different ballgame vs dealing with run of the mill insurance companies.


Thank you for explaining this - yeah will probably have it towed to the pre-approved shop

I would work with a shop approved by your insurance company. As mentioned, they may need to go back to well multiple times during the repair process, you don’t want to be left holding the bag.


That’s insane? How does a body shop stay in business if they don’t accept insurance adjustments? I would definitely take it to another shop.

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Shop may not work with the insurance company labor rates. If that is the case find one that does (anyone on the approved list has already agreed to this). If it is OEM parts you want but not covered in your policy language- you are on the hook for the diffrence. No point in fighting with a shop over labor rates. They charge what they charge. The insurance company knows what they can pay to get it done.

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Insurance and shop cannot come to terms on the $10k shortfall due to labor rate - Insurance company claims shop is trying to charge an excessive rate

Insurance company requests to tow vehicle to another shop

The shop will not release car until $8k in fees are paid such as storage and other charges such as excessive calls from insurance company

Insurance asks me to upload anything I signed - they are unwilling to pay the $8k at this moment

My question is what the F do I do?

I had this happen once, the shop wouldn’t release my car because they wanted to get paid over 5k in storage fees for having the car on their lot for about 2 weeks.

You’ll have to try and negotiate down what the shop is trying to charge and convince the insurance to pay the negotiated amount. If not, you’ll likely have to pay the shop yourself and then take the insurance to small claims for the amount. That was the option I was given when trying to figure my situation out.

Insurance knows the shop is trying to take advantage and unfortunately you’re stuck in the middle of it all. Neither will likely budge.

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