About to sign: 2021 BMW x3. black/beige prem, parking, ambient, harman kardon


2021 BMW x3 jet black, Canberra Beige, premium pkg, parking pkg, harmonkardon.
BMW South Floirda
worked with brokers and almost every dealer in southeast. this is min lease anyone is willing to make. 11.5%-12% discount. .00082 MF to (.00047 after max MSD). 0 down, except for all fees.
925 acq fee, 799 dealer fee, plus govt fees.
my first time making a lease ever. spend a lot of time hassling and negotiate. why do i get the feeling i didnt get a great deal?

MSRP: $ 50320
Selling Price: 44534. (11.5% discount)
Monthly Payment: $463+Tax (with taxes)
Drive-Off Amount: $ 6208 (includes $460 1st payment,0 down, fees, taxes )
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: 0.00047
Residual: 55
Incentives: 2500
Region: So-FL
Leasehackr Score: 8.5
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

I’d say you got a good deal. A $799 dealer fee sucks a bit but the discounts good, base MF, etc.

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$3,500 in MSD? What’s the rest?

I get:

3500+1080 (tax)+925 (acq)+799 (dealer fee)=6304

Tax is monthly in Florida AFAIK.

Rebates might be taxed upfront but that’s a much smaller amount.

I messed that up a little.

If his taxes are out and assuming that is possible:

3024 - 7 MSD’s on 432
432 - 1st month
799 - dealer fee
925 acq fee
1010 - taxes on monthly @ 6.5%
62 - tax on rebates

Total: 6252

Edit, that doesn’t even include the $250 govt fees so yeah I have no idea where that number comes from, guess we’ll have to wait for OP.

Taxes aren’t up front in fl. It’s a monthly sales tax on the payment.

In that case then,

3500 - 7 MSD’s
460 - 1st month
799 - dealer fee
925 acq fee
62 - tax on rebates
250 - govt fees
If acq and dealer are taxed that adds 112

Total: $6,108, so now I’m exactly $100 short still.

That might be best.

dont know all the details on the fees. but some minor ones
fl state rental fee $60
tag agency $85
tire battery fee $6
registration fee $250.

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Yea, but I do enjoy trying to figure it out, hah


I wouldn’t be shocked if then contract showed a few dollars cap cost reduction

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also, don’t forget the fee on the fee that is required to calculate the other fees.


Using my breakdown I get over 6208 with msd’s, 1st month, rebate taxes, acq fee, and all dealer fees due at signing, so I’m not sure about that, but who knows.

Yeah, dealers pretty much always true things up using CCR (that is not real CCR), then there is tax on the CCR, which creates an endless uncertainty loop when trying to reverse all this out.

well there is all the fees in there, which im told are all required (except for dealer and tag agency but its hard to get around those these days). i tried going thru brokes and getting the same fees (but slighty lesser dealer fees). i dont know how the number really worked out, but here’s the actual lease agreement. i was with the deal, because it was comparable to all the brokers i was asking. (actually better if i consider the broker and shipping fees).

You’re stuck paying the fees, but you also don’t have to pay them all upfront. If they told you that you do, they’re lying to you.

Obviously your payment will go up though if you do roll those fees into your lease vs paying them cash.

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nope. nobody lied to me about that. in fact, every proposed with that initially. but i wanted to pay up all fees upfront and max security deposits upfront, to minimize my monthly payments. just requirement was no down payments.


Good work doing your research. Great first lease!

What do you mean by this?