About to Buy Out Lexus RX 350 Lease - What interest rates are you guys getting?

Hey Guys,

Thanks to LeaseHackr I picked up a Lexus RX 350 in 2019 for 3 years with 10k miles / year @ 435/month. Currently has 25,000 miles on it. Car is in Great condition. Residual is 32287.08

Per KBB and other sites, I could sell it for 38k. So I have about 6k in equity.

The problem is, I can’t find a great replacement car so I am going to purchase it.

What interest rates are you guys getting? I see 1.9% everywhere? How many years?
Any other advice when buying out the car? Going to go this weekend or next to close out my tab at the dealership.


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Seems DCU required membership to get the loan. How to become a DCU member?

Less likely in your situation but good to know

Scroll down to

Participating Organizations

(Assuming your employer isn’t listed)