9% off msrp 2019 Cayenne



Getting 9 percent off MSRP on a 2019 base Cayenne. But, car has been on the lot for 3 months. Do the hackrs think I can get more off of the sticker? Thanks for all the help, love this forum and all the support on here. You guys are freaking awesome.


im in the market as well got two offers 10.5% off on a 2019 base with 50 miles, or 12 percent of on a 2019 service loaner with 2800 miles trying to see if I can get more im in nj btw both msrp are 78k


thanks for the info. good luck man!


Those are good discounts for the 2019’s with the new body shape. Lease numbers will still be horrible though :sob:


yes best lease i was quoted was 1120 per month with 1120 due at signing for a 78k msrp car with a sales prices of 67910. considering just buying it with the cpo warranty leasing doesnt make sense on the porsche :frowning:


it was 39 month term 15k miles a year with everything rolled just 1120 due at siging (first month payment)


anyone in California getting this level of discount on an ordered car?


The best option on a Porsche is usually to buy out someone else’s at End of Lease (if you are ok with something that’s 3 years old). My brother in law was leasing a 911 C4 ($112K) … buyout was somewhere around $52K … at which point the actual retail value was $65-$70k. Of course, my wife made me pass!


Seeing this in New England if at all helpful


Isn’t that an effective monthly payment of around 1140?


Assuming one put just upfronts down (call it $2500), it’s closer to 1070


1k on Cayenne as a lease makes not sense. Have some patience and finance a 1-2 year old CPO. Let some rich kid with more money than sense take the depreciation…


can those that are getting discounts please share which dealers? Thanks