$83K Audi S6 - $673 per month (w/Audicare), $1416 + MSDs DAS


aee you sure the residual is 47.9 instead of 46.9%?

6k miles x.25 cents is $1500. I’m not sure how it is residualized but a .1 percent reduction in residual for 6k mileage is off to me


O got it. On a new car your residual would have been 49 percent . But they are deducting 1.1% for the mileagueni guess


Penalty is .15c x miles
Also the Audicare bumps up the residual by a point
I think that’s how it ended up there

Thanks again for making me aware of the opp!

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Look for 2018s with miles.


Looks like this was the one from rusnak.

Congrats on a killer deal on an awesome car.

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Black Audi s6


that is awesome! props to you… your giving me ideas!! :thinking:


You should. My car had less than 1k miles when I sold it though. But hey 465 per month for s6?


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I had a very tough time replicating my original deal though. I talked to 10 plus dealers near me and no one could match it including the dealer I bought it from. Finally I got a call today from one of them that could do 28k off a car with 1k lower msrp


How do you like the S6 vs 550i??


I never drove the 550i and would not consider it due to the interior. I think s6 interior with analog gauge and carbon fiber inlays is outstanding


S6 is WAY better than the previous gen 550i. And this is coming from someone who is die hard BMW fan. The S6 is so much faster and responsive. Im not sure about the new M550i though.


Damn. Makes me want to eat the last 6 months of my lease and just get an s6

You used auto trader to find a low mile car and just negotiated?


My car is new


I was replying to slol. But how did you get 28k off?


I don’t think this deal will ever be replicated. I couldn’t get anyone to budge even though I got the same deal two weeks ago and showed everyone my contract and everydealer told me no. Including the dealer I bought the car from. I don’t know what the deal is. The closest deal to mine that can be replicated is 24k off


That’s solid man. Yah, I feel ya on that, we have a velar deal that won’t be replicated… 6 month countdown til we are due to replace our one of our vehicles… waiting for another unicorn


I was also a big BMW guy but I ended up getting an ‘18 S5 SB instead of 440i and I love it!

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