7 months of Registration left on a lease return

Hi, I’ve leased a BMW and I got my own vanity plate 3 years ago. My lease ends in late April but my plate has registration until November. I want to keep my plate for the next car im leasing is there any way I can use the remaining 7 months registration or get some sort of credit from the dealer for my next lease?

You can extend the lease

For 1-2 months so I’m not sure that helps him much.

In my state you just transfer the plate to the new registration and they credit you for the difference of what wasn’t used.

Check with your local city to see how they handle it.

In CA the Registration follows the car, not the plate. (The plate has a separate registration fee)
So OP, well you gave someone 7 months of free registration, leave a note in the glovebox for them to send you some fruit :slight_smile:

Keep the plates when you return the car, and turn those into the DMV if you don’t need them for your next car.
NOTE : They are not making any Personalized plates at this time, so if you want personalized, keep those for the new car

I thought they started the personalized plates back up? But the rule now is the car must have active current reg

I went there to get some last week and no go.
BUT it appears that they just started it back up. I see the website allows ordering again.

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