7,500 miles with 1% better residual vs. 10,000 miles

I have a 2022 BMW X4 M40i on order. BMW FS has approved me, and I am working with a manager from the dealer who is not going to mark up the MF and is giving me an OK discount off MSRP given the market, and the fact that I wanted a special order. (I’m in SoCal/dealer is more central coast). As I play with the calculator, dropping to 7,500 miles and getting the 1% better residual is an obvious way to shave a little off the monthly.

My current BMW has just under 13,000 miles after 2 years. I am out of state 7-10 days a month for work (sometimes more) and my office is only 12 miles from my home when I am home. Even factoring in the pandemic, I was still driving close to my usual amount. I sometimes kick myself for getting 30,000 miles on this one. But I am also planning to get out of this car through swapalease, and having all those extra miles is a selling point for it. So I think about what if I wanted to get out of this new one early?

Anyway, just wondering if there were thoughts on this.

You’re saving on the order of $800 by going with 7500 miles.

At $.25 per mile, that’ll get you about 3000 miles in overage, so if you’re going to drive between 22500 and 25500 miles total, you’re money ahead doing 7500. If you go over that, it’s going to start costing you.

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If you’re confident that your driving habits won’t change & 7,500 miles is going to be enough then pick the 7,500 mile lease.

If you want you can always do a break even analysis of how many miles will you have to go over to be in the red if you had picked 10k mile lease.

We’re talking about a difference of $25/mo. If you’re remotely considering lease swapping this in the future, just get the extra miles. It will help keep the aperture open for the interested buyers


Thanks for the comments everyone. I have swapaleased 3 of my last 6 cars, which is why I think of that. But then I think this particular special order is a car I will want to keep all 3 years.

(Plus, if the chip shortage gets under control in the next 12 months or so, there will be better discounts and incentives available, likely making my lease rate seem high and not as attractive on swapalease. :slight_smile: )

When I put all the numbers into the lease calculator, it’s running about $19 month difference between 7500/57% and 10000/56%.

$19? That’s a no brainer. That’s probably, what 2.5% of the payment? If you don’t end up transferring, just pack in a few road trips (or trips to M driving school in Thermal).

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