640GT lease take over thoughts - $549 per month


Hello Lease Hive,

I’ve used leasehakr for my last three cars and it’s saved me a lot of headaches and $$$. Would like opinions on the following; I have a 2019 BMW 640GT with 19k miles, 15k into my lease and half done - leased for 36 months / 34k miles. Car was super loaded, demo w/4K miles, $81k MSRP. Payments are $550 per month plus tax and I paid $4200 in MSDs. I’m thinking of putting it up for takeover now or in the spring.

My Qs;
Is there a better time between the two?

Those of you that have transferred, do you have success here or is Swapalease more likely to work?

Based on the numbers, do you think I will have any problems with transfer? (Will I need to incentivize)

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Why not just try it and see what happens

And if you’re not getting the results you want, you take it down?

$4400 in MSDs doesn’t sound correct. Are you sure it’s not $4200?

Correct, $4200, my typo.

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I miss my GT’s. They’re great cars and it should go. I wouldn’t call 81k loaded tho

Base price was $70,300.
Here is the option list;

Luxury seating package with multi contour and massaging seats
M sport package
Premium package w/HUD, surround view and gesture control
Heated steering wheel
Soft close automatic doors
Front and rear heated seats
Power rear window shades
Rear seat back adjustment
HK surround sound
Black grills
CF mirrors
MSRP $81,960

I think you will find someone at this monthly but the MSDs will scare some buyers. Post it on SAL without an incentive and see what happens.

Also make sure you have a potential deal. BMW deals as not as strong as 2018 and 2019 due to shortage.

I have heard that BMW is being extra strict right now w/ transfer credit approval. Many others are reporting needed to go 3 or 4 applicants deep to find somebody who will be accepted. This would be my biggest concern, I would try to pre-screen the applicant.