[6 month Lease Takeover] 2016 Ford Fusion Energi Plugin Hybrid ($319/m, 11K miles, SF Bay Area)

Like new 2016 Ford Fusion Energi Plugin Hybrid.

Location: SF Bay Area

For lease takeover, lease valid until Sept 2019. Perfect for short term/summer car needs.

  • In excellent condition, with over 11K miles left for 6 months (Original 36 month lease, 36K miles)
  • Silver exterior, Black leather interior, Sunroof
  • Navigation
  • Fuel efficient – Plug in electric range ~20 miles, overall ~42+ miles/gallon.
  • Lease valid until Sep 25, 2019
  • Option to buy at end of lease ($15,617 + fees + tax)

Lease rate: $319 (including tax) O.B.O.

To qualify to take over this lease you’ll fill out a credit application with Ford credit. Once approved, then we will proceed with the transfer paperwork. There is an application fee of up to $75 that I can reimburse you for upon successful approval. The lease will be put into your name and you would make payments directly to Ford. You would also be liable for any damage beyond normal wear and tear on the car. You will be responsible for title and registration transfer to your name.

I’m interested. What part of CA.

Great. I am in N California (SF Bay Area). Does that work?

Random thing, but I’ve never understood why people black out their license plates when posting their cars. My thought is how is it different from any other vehicle being seen in public? We don’t know the poster, where they live, nor could we follow that person home. It seems the real risk is driving around with an uncovered plate.

Nice offer btw.

Good point. I did that as a privacy shield without thinking, like most. Found this interesting article, now I learned something. Thank you for the prompt :slight_smile:

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I’m assuming that this was taken long ago, but thought I’d inquire. Thanks.

OP hasn’t posted since March when he posted this. Lease would only be 3-4 month term at this point if it was even still available.