6 and 12 month short term leases?

Hi Everyone,

Was recently asked to get some feedback from one of my dealers, specifically for California customers.

What is the level of interest on a 6 or 12 month lease for new & pre owned vehicles?

Is the short term lease,basically a long term rental, even if $100 higher than a 36 month traditional lease of interest to most people in California?

We have them available on most brands!

Let me know your thoughts and if interested, please text me at 949-544-1669 or email anthony@dsrleasing.com



I love the concept. I currently a 12 month M4 lease through Autonation Mobility.

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Big fan of this, especially on a forum like this.

Yup would be interested in LA

I’d be very interested. In Texas.

Wouldn’t make sense in Texas (Sales Tax on SP less rebates) unless it’s legitimately treated as a rental which are typically rolling 30 day contracts.

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i get bored of cars and i would be all in for 12 month lease - i never had an ev and etron gt ev was only leased because of 12 month liability, also no new tires needed (i assume tires are a big part of TCO for an EV seeing how much they weigh - my educated guess) while returning them or any kind of maintenance in general.

for me it is a win win situation i have driven my leases almost 12k-16k mi and always sold them around the 11th or 12th month mark - i wish more manufacturers offered 12 mo leases


If this isn’t a captive, depends on the bank and their objectivity around defining excess wear and tear.

Got any 1 month leases? 12 months is even getting to be too long :skull:


I think they call those rental cars :laughing:

In California, personally i wouldn’t do a less than 12 month lease as i wouldn’t want to prepay a year of registration and not need it.

2024 Subaru Impreza Sport brand new
$26886 MSRP

36 month $2000 DAS, 00289 MF 67% residual comes to $296 plus tax
12 month $2000 DAS comes to $466 plus tax.

$170 more per month for a 12 month commitment.

$7200 for 12 months or $12360 for 36 months

Makes sense because a lion’s share of the depreciation occurs during the first 12 months, but then again for those that get bored of cars, it might be worth it.

I don’t think this will really work out financially. The companies that tried the car subscriptions have mostly backed away or changed the terms drastically to make it profitable. They are going to either have to set the residual so low that no one will take the payment or take a huge wholesale loss after 12 months, neither of which really work.

That being said, this would probably work on the high residual rare stuff as those buyers are used to high lease payments (think G63, GT3 etc) and tend to get bored quickly. I just don’t see this working out well for a civic or subaru like in your example. At $466+tax you can get a much nicer car than a $27k impreza on a normal lease term.

After accounting for the $2k DAS that’s split over 12 months vs 36, it’s like $280 more per month.
Net cost is around 75% more - I would pass.

Last year, I did the MBZ 13 Mos. special on an S-Class 580e. Too bad the car turned out to be a lemon. Now in the market for another one. Possibly an i7.

Yup I love 12 month leases, especially with Porsches. Single pay also knocks the MF down significantly and it is much cheaper than the Porsche Drive subscription on a monthly basis.

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For two years, I rented a new car every month from Avis. Everything from Jeeps to a Genesis G80. Never paid more than $600-$700/mo. (which is why I did it for so long). Just learn the weird quirks in the Avis system (e.g., book late at night from an off airport location for 29 days starting and ending on a weekend) and always use whatever the best discount code is available.

Did you ever have need for car insurance? Just theorizing, but would your Credit Card rental coverage insurance see your regular month-long renting as not short-term and potentially deny any claim?