5k equity, trade in V90 for RS6 @ MSRP?

So I’m hoping for perspective on RS6 deals. I’m in the Midwest- Is anyone getting a few percent under msrp? They’re offering lease buyout plus 5k for my 2020 V90. We’ve had the car less than a year, 0 down lease, 10k miles etc.

It seems like trading in cars that were available wayyy under sticker a year ago, for cars that wouldn’t get discounted anyway… could be a way to take advantage of the crazy used market? Got 11k in equity on my Ram Limited for a TRX at msrp (79k) earlier this month. Would love some perspective as I feel crazy right now. I’ve never moved through cars so fast but I don’t seem equipped to turn down equity in these leases haha.

RS6 at MSRP, I’ll offer a finder fee.

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If you’re getting an RS6 for msrp go for it!

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Leaning towards it…

Well that’s probably a good sign.

lol, lmk if you do, I’d be happy to take anything, market addendum is 5 figures, easily.

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I’m leaning heavily on context clues for most of that… but will do haha

When they first landed I remember someone sold their first unit for 50k over sticker.

They still commend a premium.

What a beautiful time to be alive. How many mikes until you break back even these days you think? Like would 5k miles go closet to msrp or are their too many ‘used’ low mileage ones out there?

Also thanks very much for your help and time

I highly doubt it since Volvo stopped 3rd party buyouts.

Signed today, hope you’re wrong

The Audi dealer would have to buy your Volvo at your payoff, which includes tax. Then they bury promised $5k in your RS6 deal. So, you never actually get $5k over your payoff. Maybe I’m wrong, sure.

Man the RS6 is my dream car. If you can afford one of those just do it.

It’s like the ultimate sports car/family hauler with AWD in one.


RS6, e-Tron GT Avant, or Taycan Cross Turismo or bust by 2040 LOL.

:clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2: congratulations

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