550i m sport , how is this deal?

before pulling the trigger, this seem a bit higher than what i have expected

what do you guys think?

It looks like they’re charging you for extra miles, is this a demo? If so, I’d push for more of a discount on sale price to offset that cost. Also, consider putting down the max of 7 security deposits to lower your money factor to .00087.

If you can get them to discount it by a further $1581 to offset the mileage, do zero cash cap reduction, and put 7 MSDs, it would bring your payment to around $610 with $5700 drive-off ($4550 in refundable MSDs).

Play around with the lease calculator to see how changing the numbers works for you and what you might want to tell the dealer to do.

Looks like 3k down and 1.5k mileage adjustment. So their 10k discount is really only 6k. If you can het them to eat those charges, thats a 200 difference in payment right there

It’s 1k down +1k rebate +1.3k drive-off costs.

None of those affect the 10k discount except for the 1.5k mileage adjustment.

Sorry I misread the numbers on a small iphone screen. Now I can see better on my PC :slight_smile: The 1k down and 1k rebate and 1.5k mileage adjustments are what the dealer is using to “pad” his bottom line, thereby clawing back some of the so-called discount (which is not bad in and of itself). If you were buying this car, would you pay them the sale price and then give them a 1k rebate and 1k cash on top? No, right? So the rebate and 1k down are the dealer’s “hidden” charges.

So get them to eat some of those and your 550i will come to the price you want (ie 500 or slightly under).

How is the rebate a hidden charge? He’s getting the 66k sale price (which needs to be lower to offset the mileage charge) and then a 1k rebate on top of that. Run the numbers in the calculator to see what I mean instead of just taking a glance and spewing out an opinion that doesn’t make sense.

The sheet should be as follows:
MSRP 76k
Dealer Sales Price 69.5k (ie dealer discount 6.5k = 8.5% MSRP)
Price After Rebate 68.5k
Cap cost after Cash from Customer 67.5k

Saying Sales Price is 66 and adding the mileage charge and hiding the Rebate as a standalone line item is making the dealer discount look better than what it really is.

See this example where dealer discount and conquest/rebate etc etc is clerly spelled out.

thanks guys, i was not sure how to read the offer correctly

i read this as 0 down + drive off ( since rebate / customer cash seemed like it would be an credit ) and drive off was -3390

and yes this was a “demo”, i wonder why i’d get charge with additional miles?

No it is not zero down. They are taking 2.4k from your pocket at least :slight_smile:
Rebate is a credit from BMW to you which the dealer is then stealing from you lol :slight_smile:

The cap cost in the dealer worksheet is the net cap cost, not the gross cap cost. Nothing is being hidden, because it’s all listed right there. Put it into the calculator (add the “cap cost” and mileage adjustment from the worksheet to get the sale price) and it comes up with the same numbers within 2-3 dollars:

Your screenshot of a website advertisement for another brand dealer has absolutely nothing to do with a screenshot of a dealer’s worksheet.

Ok, thanks for that illustration and I think it makes things clearer. No way is 11% MSRP adequate for a 2016 demo IMHO.

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Right now it’s 1k down and 2300 total drive off.

BMW is NOT “stealing” anything. Again, if you actually run the numbers instead of spewing out bs, you will see it make sense.

i agree , i should ask for more % off , jmac’s numbers are alot more acceptable

“If you can get them to discount it by a further $1581 to offset the
mileage, do zero cash cap reduction, and put 7 MSDs, it would bring your
payment to around $610 with $5700 drive-off ($4550 in refundable MSDs).”

Amen brother. Good luck

BMW is not stealing, it is the dealer lol. I agree that your leasehacker cal makes things clearer, so it is all good - I learned something today :slight_smile: and will spew slightly better/more informed bs next time :))

yes i learned too ! lol

sent that over to the dealer and see if they can do some magic

update: just cant get over the additional gas on that car…

leased a 535i fully loaded including m sport ( 71k msrp ) for 500 after tax a month for 15k miles 0 down 0 drive off 0 msd

Post detailed numbers. How did you make 71k msrp go for 500 a month with tax?

Lmao this is some BS deal they’re giving you on a DEMO. my 550i demo is $445 + tax + 7 MSD. 75k msrp. Tax title dmv acq. Was down money.