530e deal 5750 down $480 a month

$60,795 msrp

I had ol code, loyalty

$2250 down
$3500 MSD
$480 per month plus tax

EDISON: $1,000
bmw CLUB: $1,000

contact andew at irvine bmw

Andrew Einhorn

Sales Manager

President’s Club

Irvine BMW

818-516-3239 Cell

949-387-8263 Direct


Ah I c it now. Nice that it’s a higher msrp- that M-Sport?

Btw this was for 12k miles and 36 month.

10k was about $20 less. What an amazing car!!

Here is my msrp. Many have messesed me.

Lol you trust Auto cruise but not Auto A/C.

Congrats on the new ride!


For the best deal on a BMW in California Andrew is definitely the guy to go to. Irvine BMW is the store, but Andrew is the guy you need to go to in order to get the deal.

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Congrats. I don’t think you saw our deals :wink:

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Yes great car thanks

So what dealer discount are your dealers providing?

I think if a broker comments in a post it should have value instead of ads for their services.

3k back of invoice before OL code…this deal looks like it’s 3250 back with OL (2750 before)

What dealer discount is that? I can probably figure it out but easier to ask. Andrew was very easily giving 11% off, where you able to get more?

10.9 before, 11.7 after OL, assuming 61k car…higher % for lower MSRP’s

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I haven’t researched what invoice is for the bmw 530e. Would you mind providing an % off on say a typical 57k car.
Is your dealer honoring 1k OL or just $500?

Edit: i see you just posted that. Thank you

And in no way was I trying to “advertise” myself. Was just commenting on the fact that he wrote that no broker/dealer here was able to beat what he got.

Andrew at Irvine very easily was giving 11% off then $500 for OL code.

Luckily I found another dealer that went even deeper into slightly over 12% territory

Isn’t saying you can bet it an advertisement?

Nearly every dealer in SoCal will only honor $500 as that is what BMW provides them. You should be more concerned if a dealer is “honoring” 1k for OL as they are most likely leaving money on the table from my experience.

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My point was this…


I understand. A little over exaggeration on OP part.
Don’t get me wrong, I think you have great deals and do a great job. It is just nice when brokers also contribute info to posts.

Both @legendsauto and @LeaseHero are great. I personally think OP got a very competitive deal- especially when it’s 12k Miles and drive offs were lower ($250 difference is a lot when the average LH member squeezes for $10 a month less on payments). So congrats @goto35march I’m also in search of a 530e before my OL code expires at the end of the month or worse a residual loss.