5 Series February Dealer Cash

My local BMW website is advertising $4500 dealer cash on 2018 5 series. I called the dealership and they said since it was posted today they aren’t briefed on it but should know more tomorrow. Anyone else seeing something similar?

its based on zip code. what is your zip? is it 2017 or 2018?

2018, Dealer zip is 34236

Incentives are based on your zip code, not the dealers.

yes i see it wow thats a nice deal. i would speak to someone in the finance dept. at that dealer.

4500 on cash or finance
2000 loyalty finance with BMW so 6500 as long as your loyal

Lease is just 2000

Thanks. This confirms what a couple dealers told me after scrambling that I was bringing something up that they knew nothing about.

Where are you shopping at?

Tampa Florida Area 202020

What BMW? I sold a car to someone out there and they said the Doc fee was close to 1k. Is that true?

Tried shopping BMW this past weekend, and discounts are good, but money factor is horrible. On a 340i it was coming up to be about $140 in interest with buy rate. 36 and 24 month lease were same money factor, making 24 month even more expensive. This is SF Bay Area.

Various but doc fees are killer in this area. Pretty much $700+ at all dealers. It’s basically robbery.

Ours is only 300 in Md