5 Remaining months on lease

Hey all,
Just wondering what are my best options in regards to coming up to the end of a lease. I have 5 months left on the lease.

Best options? Start researching and test driving cars that you like/are interested and in 5 months you can start finalizing your search based on the cars you’ve narrowed down and what their respective deal will look like at that future time.

You got some more time…

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Really depends on many factors: brand, pull ahead, bank, RV, trade-in, mileage and other person decision making factors. Without the information above and what your ultimate goals are, it’s difficult to help you.

2017 Honda Accord. Looking to either get into a new honda, or acura depending on the best terms.

2020 Acura TLX are leasing better than their Honda counterparts. Check them out, lots of data points on the forum about them recently.

You are so far out, it does not matter and you will be wasting everyone’s time at this point unless Honda has a lease pull ahead program. When you have two payments left, start looking at what options are available.

What are the best terms? Discount? Payment? Residual value? Dealer location? If they are offering the largest discount on a MDX, do you really want it if the payment is 2x that of a Civic? Your questions are so broad no one here can help you until you decide what Honda you want.


You also may be able to get out of your Lease now by selling it if that’s something your wanting. Can check appraisal with Vroom, Carvana, Carmax, etc… I just sold my 2017 Honda accord 6 weeks ago to Vroom. I was neg $275 In equity, but was 12k over miles. 47.7k miles on a 36k mile lease.

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cool. thanks for the help.

I just did this a few weeks ago, was also five months out like the OP. I held onto my 2018 Corolla until I signed my Bolt lease as there was an ‘existing lease’ discount, then sold the Corolla to Vroom. Had 400 dollars in equity, that paid me back for most of my first month + title and registration fees

vroom only offered 17k while 19k is payoff amount.

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Yeah doesnt always work in your favor. But can keep checking every 10-15 days or so. Their algorithm is all over the place sometimes. Also inventory and market adjustment plays a factor.

Acura MDX has some good leading now.

Then you have nothing to worry about for at least three months. Enjoy your Accord.