4Runner XP package w/negative equity

Can someone help me make sense of this. I am trying to enter it in the calculater and I cannot mimic the payment. I am $50 off. I’m coming up with around $430. I begin to get confused around the Admin fee area. Also Do I use the Net price as the sales price inorder to include negative equity?

I greatly appreciate any help!


How much is the negative equity? Also who is the lender the dealership is using? US Bank? or Toyota Financial?

That would be the $1320. I believe it is through TF.

MF of 0.002 is pretty high and residual of 73% I’d confirm on Edmunds that that’s the right rate.

From what I found that looks accurate. I did think that 73% was high but if you look at the buyout on the bottom it seems accurate.

Post a link to your filled out calculator. It will be hard for us to see your possible mistake if we don’t know what you are doing

Not sure why they didn’t put your trade in the trade line, doesn’t really make sense that they would put that neg equity on the aftermarket line, that’s probably for whatever extra BS they added to the car, nitrogen tire fill, blinker fluid refills, etc. I assume they jacked up the price by whatever your neg equity is(although that discount looks like it includes rebates). How negative are you?

Where are you located? I can get this for $380/mo $0 down. 36/12 lease, you make just 35 payments. Gap, maintenence, oil changes, inspections included…

What are the aftermarket adds? Those are adding $37 to the payment and judging by the doc fee I’ll guess this is Florida?

The negative equity is 2 payments for a total of $1320

I’m in Charlotte, NC. If you can make this happen please let me know and we can write it up in the morning.

My apologies, I have updated the post and appreciate your help.

That’s probably the labor involved for buffing and polishing the turn signal bulbs.

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Your numbers are not correct. Read again at edmunds. 73% is for 24/12 and 66% for 36/12.

XP package, LED lights, Nav and some hood protection along with bumbper protection as well.

I think this was the missing piece. I wonder if they quoted me 24 months vs 36. If I plug in 24 months with my current numbers I get 478 but that includes 2.2K down. So Something must still be off. Do you happen to have the link as to which article you found the data? BTW thank you for this!