4Runner lease question

Quick question regarding 4Runner leases. I am currently looking into getting one. Unfortunately in the southeast Toyota doesn’t offer 24 month leases. With a 68-70% residual, wouldn’t I have equity after 2 years to just buy it out and sell it? It doesn’t seem like they are actually depreciating this fast. Especially with the trd off roads.

Just buy it to begin with?

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I don’t want to put money down or my payments to be that high.

I don’t understand. If SETF doesn’t allow 24 month leases, where are you getting that 68-70% RV from? Or is that for 36 months?

That’s what it is for 36 months. That’s why I’m wondering if I could just sell it after 24 months.

Yes, you can, but the payout would still be pretty high, so not sure if you would have equity.

It might be helpful to explain what you’re trying to do.

Are you just looking to lease a car for 24 months only?
Or do you just want to delay the time until you are able to purchase it?

I just want to lease a car for 2 years.

The 4Runner doesn’t lease well for 2 years. Doesn’t make sense to do that over a 3 year…if you want a pickup. Then Toyota has great 2 year leases.

I know I just don’t have a need for a truck. I should have jumped on a 2018 bmw deal last month for the 24 month lease.

Grab a TRD Pro 4Runner for 24 Months at my discount.

Thats exactly what I am doing.

Was only $3 more than the 36.

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Southeast Toyota does have a 24 month leases on a 4Runners.