3k over payoff, Should I take it? LT1 Camaro

I’m in CO and Vroom suddenly raised the offer to 38k on my 38700 msrp Camaro LT1. Bought in January with only 3300 miles.

I see nowhere around, in the state at least, has one for sale, also heard the production has been stopped because of chip shortage. Any input if offers would get higher/lower? Not sure if I should just take it for now, I had enough fun, but could probably enjoy the summer now with it.

Any input is very welcome

Thanks :slight_smile:

I would inquire with your local Chevrolet dealers and see if they will match the vroom offer, or perhaps even do better. The easiest and quickest sale you will ever get on this will be with a Chevrolet dealer. The pay off will be fast and you should be able to leave with your equity check within the hour.


@spockvr6 probably has the best suggestion for you. I’m sure Chevy dealers have customers inquiring about that type of vehicle so having 1, even if slightly used, is better than having nothing at all. Prices and offers are continuing to rise; I can’t predict when they will go back to decreasing but I think we are still a couple months away from that.

If you’re not too far away, you could always swing by Centennial Leasing & Sales in Englewood, CO where I’m located. Once we see it in person, our used car dept. can put a number on it and I can also shop it to multiple dealers out there and see if we can beat $38k.

Just another avenue for you to consider. Regardless of what you end up doing, you’re in a great spot!

Keep it for the summer. Unless you wreck itC I don’t think pricing will be any less. Potentially more.

Check out pricing on car gurus for used ones. 42k. If you don’t need it or care to shred the tires for the summer. 3k is a good deal. Play them all off each other then give Chevy the final offer as Spock said.

I wound up getting 38 on 38245 msrp. Only had 1500 miles tho

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Have you tried CarMax? I checked Vroom and Carvana about a month ago and the offers were just above payoff. Last week CarMax and Vroom were both significantly higher.

I went with CarMax bc I could go in person and do the deal right there. Under 2 hours and I was out with a check.

I played everyone off each other and took it to local chevy for $250 under msrp. In and out in 20 mins. Carmax was at 37k and they wouldn’t negotiate further. They said that’s their policy

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Did you have to wait for the 6 months? Or that only applies to lease transfer?

Just transfer. I wouldn’t deal with the transfer headache unless I got 5k down. Which is possible in this market

I wouldn’t sell until new units begin hitting dealer lots or you find a new toy to play with

Everyone has given you pointers on how to maximize your potential buyout.

However, whether you want to keep or sell it, ultimately that’s a completely personal decision that only you can make.

And I appreciate every input here! Definitely going to ask around the Chevy dealers and stop by carmax. Vroom seems to be quite slow, I had good experience with Carvana before but they have not even answered many inquires I did.

I’d like to keep it, but have had a few bumps on the road lately and wouldn’t mind making some extra on top of this one. Hopefully I don’t lose it all trying to get a new lease lol.

Thanks y’all

So I assume that you have something (else) to drive. Either that or you have another lease lined up which is better than the deal you have now on the Camaro.

That deal isn’t so great if you then have to jump into a higher priced ride

Ok now I’m sold. Just went to Carmax as one of you guys recommended, 5300 over payoff, 2300 over msrp. This market is crazy. I guess no more v8 tire eater for me… Does anybody know how many “extra” miles we have on the 7 day appraisal from carmax? Can’t find it on the quote

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I think 100 miles. But they don’t specify how many donuts you can do in the parking lot.

Here’s my car they bought for 38 Sunday…

5k markup

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