$35k Tesla Model 3

Has anyone taken delivery of the $35k version of the Model 3? I have heard the interior is no different than that of the Standard Range +. Are the seats heated? Do the mirrors fold when the car is locked? I’m considering flipping my Leaf before the tax credit expires but I think I’m too cheap…

The SR+ and the SR are the same car but software limited on options. Range, heated seats, AP, nav are all gone but supposedly you can upgrade later if you realize you need them.

Pretty much a Model 40 vs Model 60 thing. Software limited.

So the nav doesn’t work? Is it basically just google maps but it won’t give you directions? Sounds like it would be downgrade options wise from the Leaf :confused:

Siri won’t talk to you either…because she knows you’re poor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lmao! Well it was fun to think about for a couple hours.

On the subject of this (but not really)

I picked up a mid-range with FSD over the weekend from a private seller to dabble in some Turo action. To anyone looking the + upgrade over the SR is totally worth the price with AP and connectivity.

Still waiting on my P3D purchase order but now have a pickup date (subject to change because Tesla gonna Tesla.)


That’s good info.

How much did you get the mid range for and what do you expect to rent it out for on Turo? Now you got me thinking…

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Plenty of good reading on Turo entrepreneurs on the Internet(s). Good research for your business plan…