$349/mo | 2024 Audi A3 FWD Premium | MSRP $40,145 | 24/7,500 | $6,395 total DAS

To celebrate the new year, we are offering this new lease offer on the all new Audi A3 Sedan!

Here are the details:

2024 Audi A3 FWD Premium with Convenience & Black Optic Packages

  • MSRP $40,145
  • 24-month lease
  • 7,500 miles per year
  • $6,395 total DAS (based on 7.75% tax rate)
  • $349/month including tax (based on 7.75% tax rate)

We currently have over 12 qualifying vehicles in stock with more coming by month end.

If you are interested in any other models, I would be happy to create a custom lease for you.


Thats a heavy DAS

The median savings account balance in the U.S. is $1,200


With drive-off fees only as down, which is approximately $2,315, the payment is $499/month + tax or $539/mo including tax

So why not post that instead? Most dealers and brokers on this site advertise deals without any CCR.

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Because $299 per month draws more eyeballs than $499 per month?

Just a heads up, this is a tough crowd. $599/month effective payment (assuming only first month’s payment due at signing) on a $40k car will not get a lot of positive feedback.

Most of the forum members are chasing the best value leases, not necessarily the lowest monthly payment. Post an E-tron GT deal for effective $999/month and you will probably get more interest.


So more like a bait and switch, then. If you plan to advertise a $299/month payment on a $40k FWD A3, then maybe you should include an asterix ($299*).

That is all great feedback. That is why I disclosed everything in the ad itself. I didn’t want there to be any confusion.

If you want to be on the safe side, keep the DAS on sub 100k cars at about 3k.

In this case, it would be $3,150 total DAS and $499/mo including tax.

I hope those eyeballs turn into customers. Good luck.

Thank you!

Lets try this instead!

By the way, if we roll it to 36-months, the deal would be $2,300 total DAS and $494/month including tax. Which options do you all like better?

36 would get more interest since it’s lower. You got all this Das feedback on your original thread.

The change makes it much better. The original felt sort of bait and switch despite the fact that the relevant details were never withheld.

With Sam changing dealerships, now is your shot to lead Audi sales, but really requires rethinking how you price these deals. Find the best terms from AFS, find aged units, price them to move, load in your incentives and certificates, offer the 2/20 AFS service at cost for the residual bump. You can also work with your NorCal FJ dealers to sell their inventories for hitting volume and they have been happy in the past to do the delivery. Not sure if you are the GM, but if not, you probably should get them onboard and come up with a structure they will sign off on. There are other things Sam would offer that I won’t mention here, but avenues are a lot. The flywheel takes a bit to turn. You will look not great for a month or two until allocations really open up, and then those prime units start moving in the showroom

Free consultation right here. Our company charges a month’s salary for just those few lines of “improvement”