#330xi Loaner NY


I was looking at this deal i was sent

2020 330XI
with Conv Package, Sport line
MSRP 47915
Selling 41415
1750 rebates (unknown think conquest and fleet)
All fees rolled into payment

Residual 58%
MF .00082
due at signing 577.65
monthly payment 482.65

I believe this was a demo car but wasn’t stated in the email i was sent.

Your incentives need to be moved to taxed and select the second check box for NY tax. Looks accurate in the calculator.

I don’t think fleet stacks with conquest or loyalty. It’s one or the other, plus the 750 lease cash/credit that everyone gets. And the incentives are taxed, as @JD81 said. Push for a steeper discount if it’s a loaner.

If you aren’t too far from NJ, consider looking for deals there so you can do MSDs.

I didn’t click on ny taxes because they are rolled into the payment and adjusted tax bracket. Does the MF and residual look correct? This is on long island which a lot of you know is hard for dealers to play ball. If i go to nj dealer fees increase. (fees that are rolled in 925+1632+75) I might be able to get them down a little more but its not the color i want. just want to see if this is a good deal to use as a starting point for similar cars.

Its 750 in savings from getting a brand new 330i of same msrp at 10% and base mf.

Your calculations cannot just ignore the rent charge incurred from rolling in upfront taxes. You have to use the right inputs in the calculator.

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I updated the calculator . numbers seem ok for long island will try to shoot for 15 off msrp