$330/month, 12K miles, 2020 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring with pp

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim: Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring with pp
Monthly Payment: $330
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12k
Region: Tri-State Area
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

I spent weeks researching deals on this site and others and when I was ready to lease, I didn’t use a broker. I just walked into the dealerships in my city with the deal I wanted and let them know I know these deals are available and I hoped they could meet it. The 3rd dealer I went to gave me the deal I wanted and threw in remote start!

You don’t need to use a broker. You don’t need to pay $400-$500 to have someone do a deal remotely for you and send you to a dealer that’s not close by.

Just look at the deals people are getting on here and look at the deals the brokers say they can get for you. Use that info when you go to the dealership.

With brokers, you’re paying for them doing the legwork but if you want to save $500, just go into a dealership with the numbers from this site and tell them exactly what you want.

Worked for me and my brother.

Good luck!

Brokers don’t claim to waive a magic wand for amazing, unattainable prices to appear.

People use brokers for two reasons: Convenience and Pricing.

Some folks do not have the time or know-how to determine if they’re getting a great deal. Many members here do and they’re incredibly successful in their hunts.

The beauty of a public forum where brokers and non-brokers share numbers, is that consumers can go and chase their own deals after seeing what is achievable. Or, they can choose not to and pay for convenience.

I could spend 5 hours before winter performing my fall cleanup, but I would rather pay someone $300 to do it much faster than I can. And frankly, I hate raking leaves. This argument is relevant for many things.

No broker on this site will claim they have negotiating super powers not available to the general public. People, like yourself, hustle and get a good deal. Others would rather get a good deal and pay a few bucks for it. Not everyone finds enjoyment in emailing/calling 10 dealers, so it’s great there are options for them.

Final note/observation-

Why are you posting this same note in broker’s threads?

Have they wronged you where you need to throw shade at their business?

People can make their own decisions when it comes to negotiating their own lease or hiring someone based on reading this forum.

Feels a little malicious/spammy to me @trusted_hackrs - Was it your brother or your girlfriend?


I think you might be misguided here @Newyork123. The benefit of brokers are good deals, in some cases very good, for 0 time and effort on the consumers part. Not everyone wants to put in the leg work to hack their own deal so they can find deals here and pay the fee, and on the flip side, we as a community get the benefit of seeing the deals they offer and have the data on hand as a baseline, should others want to hack their own leases.

If you scored your lease by using broker deals as a baseline and are proclaiming you can just cut them out and take the same deal to a dealer to save $300 then you don’t really get what leasehackr is all about. If your point is you worked out your own deal and are encouraging others to do the same, I would say you are welcome to evangelize that in your deal post or in others looking for help, but it’s wrong of you to be doing that in broker threads.


There’s no reason to poo poo brokers, they are saving people time and money, not everyone has the intestinal fortitude to make car deals and quite honestly their time might be better spent in whatever line of work they are in.


Because of brokers posting deals everyone know what to aim for and that includes you! without the baseline you would have paid much higher so no need to bad mouth brokers.


Taking numbers to dealer trick works once in a bluemoon with year end models. Most probaby you got 2019. Try to take numbers for popular nodels they’ll laugh at your dreams

Brokers perform a great service for the community and are a valued part of Leasehackr.

No need to disparage them when you admit yourself that you used a broker deal to baseline your own.

Sort of underhanded if you ask me.


And I’M SURE you leveraged broker numbers on here to get the deal you got, with all of your “research”


Congrats on your deal. Also, I like the new avatar @nyclife :blush:

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Thank you!

Not all brokers charge a “fee”

Man, I’m not sure where you’re getting this idea that brokers are evil blood sucking vampires. But I can tell you for a fact that I’ve talked to brokers on here that have given me advice without charge. Many of them are great at knowing competitive pricing in their markets.

Some people would rather use a broker and get a great deal and not spend time haggling. I don’t get why you think you know what’s better for other people.


I mean you said after the 3rd dealership, you got your deal… After the 3rd let down, you got what you wanted thanks to the deals you saw brokers put on here and or what others say they got

3rd dealer!!!

That can be worth the $399 that some brokers charge in itself depending on where you live and how many dealers of this brand that you are chasing

Not a broker but I can see their value more than I can see driving around demanding deals

I do think, leasehackr can be the be the ultimate source for buyers and brokers if they give the brokers a Rodo type interface to work with. Like eBay gives tools to buyers and sellers, LH can be the interface to closing the deal on leases and possibly finance deals that the brokers work hard in finding

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3rd dealer!!!



I have used Brokers & bought vehicles on my own. Besides the Convenience a Broker provides, Sometimes they Can get you a Vehicle that you May o
Not be able to get in your area as soon as you want, also as many said, if it weren’t for Brokers, A Lot of people wouldn’t know where to shoot for, In addition, Sometimes A dealer Doesn’t lease a Manufacturer Doesn’t use outside Banks such as US Bank. The reason I specifically mentioned US Bank is because of the Money factor, or APR when you are leasing can make a good difference in the payment. Last time I used US Bank as Tier 1, they saved me over $100 a month on the same exact sell price of the same Exact Vehicle. No need to knock brokers. I know All too well of their value. I Literally just spent at least 110hrs between research,& going to dealers for my wife’s New Car- which was to be a 2020 Sonata SEL w Panoramic Roof,etc & now she just changed her mind to a 19 Mazda CX5 AWD w Preferred. I’m using a Broker! There’s No way I’m spending another 100+ hrs. My time is too valuable. Happy New Yr All.


That’s your problem right there.

There is no reason for anyone to spend anything close to 100+ hours leasing a car. That’s just ridiculous

I AGREE 1,000 %, But it is My Wife That Wanted ME to do All the work, as She is paying for this car Herself & Didn’t want to pay a Brokers Fee, as her " Friend" told her " You aren’t Supposed to pay them!". Well, #1, I IMMEDIATELY Told her that She was Wrong, as I had gotten The C6 Through a Broker BEFORE Dealers in NJ Even had them, & My payment was $350 Less than what Every Chevy dealer wanted, as at THAT Time, The C6 was " Revamped" & Dealers were being Greedy Bastards. I GLADLY Paid The Broker His Fee. It was as easy as ordering a Pizza, 3 days later, The C6 arrived at My house, Exact Color, Equipment, Everything I ordered & w a payment of Only $650 a Month Including tax. He used US Bank, which had Phenomenal leasing Rates fir My Credit. 2. That said, w This, Now My Wife’s car, I Finally Did Contact a few Brokers here. I Thought they were Extremely Fair, but Wifey was Living in 3 yrs ago when lease rates & incentives were A Lot better. I FINALLY Got her to up her Budget after No Broker, Nor Dealer Could be where she wanted. I was about to re contact a Broker, but The GM where she leased her Current Sonata called Me & offered a Very Aggresive lease on a 20’ Sonata SEL w The Exact package She wants. 3.What’s pissing Me off is Today when I went up to get the Car w Her, He was Off! I’m going to try Tomm. 4.IF I am aggravated in 1 way, NurseAl will be getting Another Chance, as She was Very Good.

What did I just read?


He’s a broker and a detective! :grin:

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Even when you do all the work, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours.

Do all negotiations remotely.

Don’t step into the dealership except to pick up the car.