320i lease pricing

Hey, I’m looking to lease the following -


Can you guys tell me what’s the scope for negotiation on the sale price?
Total 4000$ due at signing, i’m thinking of asking to move the downpayment to MSDs…
Any tips/suggestions?


Don’t ask, tell them you want to use 7 MSDs and no cap cost reduction.

But you need to have some sense of how lease calc works. X in MSD doesn’t lower the payment as much as X in cap cost reduction. Nonetheless it’s a much better use of your $$$ since you get it back.

ill destroy any deal from Steve Thomas :slight_smile:

How much % off MSRP are you offering on msrp ~$50k 3 series cars?

They said no negotiation on sale price
Sale price 30840
0 down
5507 miles
341 a month including 9% tax
MF: 0.00085
7 msds

Wanted to finalize the car this weekend, but seems like the monthly is high as compared to other posts on the forum.

Let me know of you have any suggestions


Just go to another dealer

“no negotiation on sales price.”

“Ok no thank you.”

Shop around.

Did you look at @loberant’s list of cars and filter for those in/near CA?

yup, contacted him about a car

pulled the trigger yesterday,
2017 320i, 19 miles on odometer, drivers assistance and moonroof
2450 security deposit
780 - fees + first month
312 - monthly including tax
10k miles a year, 3 year lease
wanted to keep the monthly under 300 but bmw of riverside really gave me a good discount :slight_smile:
ask for sujan if you end up contacting them he was really helpful and prompt