$300-400 $0 Down Lease

Looking for a lease with monthly payements around $300-400 with $0 down. 36 months/12k miles preferred.

Currently looking at Toyota Avalon. Any other similar premium sedan/SUVs that we can get in the price range we’re looking for?

Excellent credit 800+ score. I have financed and paid off 4 cars through Toyota Financial Services in the past 20 years. Never leased before. Any help is great!

Search the forums. There are so many options with details already posted.

Sorry, I haven’t found much about the Toyota Avalon or ES350 recently (18 model). I just want to know if the price range I’m looking for is doable for those two models.

If not, what other models should I be able to get with those monthly payments.

Toyota Avalon doesn’t lease very well AFAIK. Lexus doesn’t inflate the residual value of the ES and doesn’t give many incentives. Sometimes it is a good deal at the end of the year, but not frequently. Search the forum to find other cars that will lease well at this price point. We are not your personal search engine

Avalon Lease isn’t great.

MSRP is $34,613.00
Sale Price $29,896.00
Invoice $31,800
.00015 MF
Residual 50% $17,307.00
$852.14 drive off $377.16 plus tax

$406.39 with 7.75% tax included

Toyota Avalon is a POS. If you are dead-set on Toyota products, go for the Lexus ES350. It will be similar in price for a premium brand. Other options are the Infiniti Q50, Mercedes C, and Volvo S90.