3 Car Garage setup


Not sure if I am allowed to post this here but just wanted to ask this question for fun.

If you had won the lottery and had a 3 car garage. What cars would you fill it with and how and why?
Which cars would you lease or finance?
What city would you live to use them in?
Excluding hypercars because that would be no fun.
Try to be realistic. Just because you got money doesn’t mean you have to burn it all.

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If we are being realistic, I’d probably have an RSQ8, my wife would have a GLE and there’d probably be an Aston in the 3rd spot getting not nearly enough use.


Nice choice. Which aston?

I do this all the time

Big time lottery win
I’d get color matching cars
Probably black and would buy
Black Rolls Royce Cullinan
Black Mercedes S65 AMG
Black Ferrari 488 convertible

Moderate win
Black Mercedes GLS 550 buy
Dark gray Mercedes S450 lease
Sunset orange BMW 850i convertible lease

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Honestly, the new vantage excites me as much as the pricier cars

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I think I would go 1 storage car, 1 city car , and 1 sports car.

Ford Raptor
Tesla model 3
Used 600lt?

This would put it into the same price range as your miderate category
What do you think?

If I won big I would buy the following cars:

  • BMW M5 Competition
  • Porsche 911 GT3 RS
  • Mansory Lamborghini Urus (I am not a big fan of SUVs but I can “settle” for this)

Easy. Maybe a $1.2-1.5M ish garage. Two of these are going to go up in value so I’m not exactly blowing money fast.

  • Porsche GT2 RS
  • Bentley Flying Spur
  • Ferrari 488 Pista

Buying a Model 3 after winning the lottery must be a first. :slight_smile:


Easy Set This Up Already as a Goal!

  • 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S
  • 2008 BMW M5 V10 or 2007 E63 AMG
  • 2018 GLC63 AMG


…and a “I’m poor” sign in front yard.


Toyota landcruiser ( the forever legendary automobile that can go anywhere, carry many people and will retain its value) - Buy
BMW M2C (fun raw car for the weekends) - Buy
M340 RWD ( my current daily car, maybe this one I could get all the options as well as all M performance bits) - Lease

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3 Chevy bolts, red, white, and blue.


E63S wagon
911 GT3 Touring
Aston DBS 6MT

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I’d just get a Golf GTI. One car that can do it all. DSG because I’m lazy now. I would purchase it because GTI leases aren’t great. Probably in white silver, like this one from rubbergash:

OK, maybe I’d complement it with a BMW 3.0CS garage queen for the weekends.


Ferrari 612

But since I won the lottery, I’d knock down a wall in my garage and add two more spots.

1966 Chevelle SS convertible
Flying Spur

Rolls Royce Ghost
Range Rover
911 GT2 RS

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2020 Toyota Landcruiser Heritage
2020 E63-S AMG Wagon
Porsche 964 Turbo S

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Already have the wheels I need, so I would just upgrade to a 3 car garage to be honest lol. 2 car garage isn’t working out and i get yelled at by the Mrs. every time I add a new member to the family :sweat_smile:

probably only add an Alpina XB7 as the family hauler to what I have and call it a day.

Why finance when u hit the lotto :upside_down_face:

Im happy in Miami

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Jaguar XK120-British Racing Green/Tan (Weekend Car)
911 Targa 4S-Mahogany Metallic Exterior and Tan Interior (Daily)
Undecided on the kid hauler