$250 Allstate Bonus


Hi All,

I’ve heard conflicting reports, so I figured I would ask here.

For the $250 bonus drive from Allstate, do you, yourself, have to had owned or traded in a different brand vehicle to qualify, or does it extend to someone else in your household?

For instance, if I currently lease a Jeep and will be leasing a new Jeep, can I still get the $250 bonus if someone else in the household has a different brand?

I believe it says that the other car just has to be in the household, no? I don’t think you had to be previously leasing it.

Worst case submit it and they deny.

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Your answer is Yes if you are turning in the other Jeep

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Is bonus drive still active this year? I have read that it expired in 2020, but when I looked at their website - https://allstate.bonusdrive.com/ there’s no mention of expiration date.

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