25% Discount off 2019 Porsche 911

Hey guys:

I was able to lock in a 25% discount off a new 2019 Porsche Carrera (991.2). It’s fairly well-loaded. Personally speaking, I’m barely getting a 5% discount off a 2020 base Carrera. I don’t really care about all the options. But even with the 5% discount off a base Carrera - it’s still a difference of about 10k in price.

My question is - do you think it’s possible that a 2020 will get discounted to such a degree (25%) later in the year or next year? Or is this just a crazy good deal? Does Porsche normally do these sorts of big discounts for outgoing models? Or is this just a crazy good deal. My end goal would basically be 12.5% off a 2020 base (don’t need the extra options). Would that be possible any time this year or next year. So Porsche’s give 12.5% discounts?

I would really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!

That’s a great discount on a 911 and I’d be willing to bet would not be replicatable on a 992 any time soon.

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I would basically need a 12.5% discount off a 2020 (base) to basically match the price I’m getting for the 2019. I don’t know if that will be feasible any time soon on a 2020.

You will have a hard time getting this level of discount on the 2020 at any point in the next year.


At one point, you could have obtained between 10-11% off a lot 992. The 991.2 doesn’t have the same appeal, as such, 25% or a couple points more is ok. If the 991.2 is close to the MRM of $145,800 I would strive for a higher discount. If lease support remains active, consider that the residual on a ‘19 will be lower.

Maybe, but it’ll be another car that has the wrong options

Like others said, it’s unlikely Porsche will discount a new body that much anytime soon in normal circumstances. If I were you, I would calculate my monthly true cost for each and ask myself whether i would want to drive the outgoing model for a couple hundred savings.

More details would be helpful particularly if this is a lease but it sounds like a purchase. Have you driven both? Do you live in a climate where you can get good use out of the convertible? Some people dislike the rear styling, shifter, center cup holder, etc. on the 992, but to each his/her own. If it’s a purchase and you intend to keep it long term, get the one you enjoy driving most but do your research. Options like the bigger engine and sport exhaust can change your driving experience greatly. And options may be important to resale. Also you might want to check out naturally aspirated 991.1 as well as 991.2 CPO cars. If you decide to go pre-owned, I would suggest you get a PPI before pulling the trigger. Finally, you should check out Rennlist where you could solicit opinions from Porsche owners. I own a 991.1 so if you have any other questions feel free to DM me.


You’re not getting 25% off a 992 anytime soon :smiley:

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I don’t think it will be possible before 2025 unless it’s an orange car with beige interior and $200,000+ Sticker.

Throw in a manual transmission and that’s my dream config :joy:

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LOL!!! 25% off on a 992 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Maybe in 6 years after the next gen comes out and there is left overs from the previous gen like now. But even the 25% off on the 991.2 is a rare catch. Take that deal.


Will you do bright apple :green_apple: green?

Nice job on that discount. Enjoy the car!

Of course! Funny enough Python Green and Lava Orange are my favorite two choices on the 992 configurator.

only other time they did huge discounts was the market crash in 09. You could get 40k off a 100k car.
5% is the standard
wait it out car prices are dropping never know what could happen.

That’s a great deal, barring it being some ridiculously specced base Carrera (like a sale proof triple green cab or the like). If you don’t take it, can you post up a link?